City Speak: Winter 2016

Starting the New Year’s Spring Cleaning!

by Robert “Bob” Jackson, Mayor, Casa Grande

Mayor Jackson
Mayor Jackson

In Arizona the New Year means it is time to start thinking about spring cleaning and home projects. The City of Casa Grande is no different. It is a time for us to start working on trimming trees, cleaning up our parks and road rights of way.

Have you ever thought about the work required to clean up and repair hundreds of miles of road ways and hundreds of acres of City Parks? I know we can all find areas where more work is needed but, by and large, our Public Works and Parks Maintenance staffs do a tremendous job of keeping our city picked up, cleaned up and well maintained.

Think about your personal yard work. In my case I don’t have grass to mow but I do have an irrigation system and numerous plants and trees that take time to care for. Then I think about our crews and am always amazed at how such a small group can do so much.

For instance, in the spring it is time to start working on restoration of all of the parks Bermuda grass on fields that are used continuously during the cooler weather. Some areas require more attention than others. Paul Mason Sports Complex needs to be in condition to handle all of the summer softball use, where Gilbert Park may be used periodically for less intense use. All need to be cared for at the same level. Think of all the sprinkler system repairs that we all do on our own home systems. Then compare that to the miles of lines and hundreds of sprinkler heads the City crews deal with regularly in areas of high use.

The Parks crews also make sure the restrooms work and are cleaned regularly. They also pick up the parks after special events and weekend use. They all do their work with a smile on their face and seem to enjoy the work.

As you drive down the street notice the Public Works employees that are clearing the weeds, sweeping the streets and just picking up all of the miscellaneous things that fall from cars. Remember that just like in your own yard, someone needs to pick up the trash that accumulates there. I know in my case the spring weeds will overtake my yard quickly unless I stay on top of keeping them pulled. After every wind storm there is always something to pick up, either branches from my own trees or things blown into the yard from elsewhere.

People always ask why we sweep the streets so often. Think about how they would look if we didn’t keep them up. Our community image is really established by the way our local public spaces appear.

Next time you see one of our Public Works or Parks employees working, stop and give them an encouraging word. They are in many cases the unsung heroes of our City and take great pride in making sure they do the job the best they can, with the limited resources available.

Let’s all go out and work to make our community a better place.
I hope you all have a Happy and Prosperous 2016.