Jon Thompson, Mayor, Coolidge

I’m extremely proud of the great revitalization projects happening all around our city. Feedback from a survey, completed in early 2017, revealed a priority to repair or replace our older roadways. Upon the findings, we rapidly placed a team of hardworking city employees together and found ways to make improvements as quickly as possible. We began working on repairing and replacing much-needed pavement along some of our most traveled roads, beginning the second quarter of this year. Newly paved roads can be seen near City Hall along Main Street and Vah Ki Inn Road. I’m honored to have such a remarkable team of dedicated workers here in Coolidge, who took the initiative to get our two projects completed in less than two months.

We’re also proud to announce an additional stretch of road will be completed along Main Street. This will be an important step in re-energizing the downtown area and beautifying our city. Visitors are already enjoying the many new benches and landscape features along the sidewalks as they stroll through the area to shop, eat and relax.

I’d like to conclude with a special recognition. In addition to the great work by our streets staff, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has named Coolidge Municipal Airport, “2017 Airport of the Year.” Our hardworking city staff accomplished many great projects at our airport, including a new taxiway, runway and lighting improvements. Coolidge sees more users to the airport not only from air traffic, but from the growing businesses who have called the airport home. It has also become a popular attraction for movies, television and other national media. In July’s issue of ESPN The Magazine, the airport was used as a front cover backdrop for baseball star Javier Baez. The historic WW2-era airport has also been featured in scenes from “Fast & Furious 7” and television show “Top Gear.”

The city truly believes in working together at all levels of civic involvement to enhance the beauty and culture of our wonderful Coolidge, Arizona. We hope you’ll take time to visit soon.