Golden Corridor Living ESSAY CONTEST


Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine is proud to showcase the young writers or our community as part of our annual essay contest. This year’s submissions came from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Casa Grande Valley and the Casa Grande Library and included youth ages 5-18. From wizards and aliens to dance and bowling, this year’s essay topics offer action, adventure and a whole lot of fun!


by Michael Rodriguez, Age 12

My favorite activity is art because you draw and make stuff. The reason I love art is you can paint, cut and draw 3D shapes. Draw for the class for the logo, have a drawing competition, think what to draw with your friends. Paint someone you know and draw the things in your mind and draw monsters. I like coming to the Boys & Girls Club because you can do amazing things.


by Paul Ries, Age 12

I went bowling and, of course, I lost. The reason I like bowling is because you have a competition, but I like to just have fun. I roll the ball without a thumb because it is easier and I can have a better chance of making a strike. My second favorite sport here was soccer because you can juke people and there is a lot of cool tricks. My third favorite thing to do here is play dodgeball because you can get everyone out to win. If you catch the ball, but you already have one in your hand, you’re out. Once your are the last one and everyone is out, you win. I also really like the bumper pool and the walk a-thon. And we got to jump rope and hula hoop.


by Matthew Monreal, Age 11

Gym is my most favorite thing to play here especially when we get to play basketball. I always pick people when we play basketball. The teams are usually Jace, Kmonee, me and sometimes Marky. One of the top people I always pick is Ethane. “Ooooooh,” is everyone’s reaction when I pick them

Game room is also my favorite because me and Jace play the Minnie basketball. We have the record for the fastest to reach 100. We would sometimes play kips. We get to play with other people. And see people get mad


by Sara Scots, Age 13

At the Boys & Girls Club we do many things over the summer. I have a particular activity that enjoy while I am here and it is attending dance at The Studio. The Studio is not far away and it only takes a short second to get here and we stay there for an hour. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 we drive to the studio and leave at 11:00. We are practicing to perform in August, so we will have two months to learn our dances.

The dances we are learning at the studio are hip hop but there is another group in ballet. So far, I have been only four times and we only have gotten through the introduction on our song. We find many ways to create a learning technique so we can remember our moves. I am the second oldest and have the moves of the song down pretty well and can’t wait to learn more. I love that we were given the opportunity to dance at the Boys & Girls Club and I am always looking forward to going each week. I would like to say thank you to the wonderful stuff at the Boys & Girls Club.


by Francisco Leon, Age 14

My favorite activity at the Boys & Girls Club is gym. The reason why is because we get to play dodgeball. There are a lot of people in my group who all play mat ball in gym 2. This is what I like about gym — that they play the games I like to play. After gym is really hard for me because I sweat a lot but fym 1 and 2 is my favorite activity here at the Boys & Girls Club.

My second favorite activity here at the boy and girls club is art room because we do a lot of activities in there. The one thing that I like to do is make stuff out of glue. And I also like to make paper mask and slime. I mean, art room is good but not that fun you know? Art room is my second favorite activity here at the Boys & Girls Club.


By Jenna James, Age 12

My favorite thing to do at the Boys & Girls Club is playing in Gym 1 and playing dodgeball because everyone is very competitive, but it’s fun. And its breaks up the little groups of kids that always hang out with each other. And the staff is always involved and has nobody that they treat differently. I also like playing soccer because people always play and there is always good players that get you to challenge yourself. That’s why gym 1 is my favorite area.

My second favorite is zoom because we always have something planned to do in there. And we barely watch movies, unlike last year. And Dora always has something fun for us to do, and when we finish she gives us another thing. And she always makes us clean no matter what. She treats us like the age we are and lets us do more advanced things than the first grade.


by Alex Higgs Age 11

The best activity that we did was dodgeball in gym 2. It’s my favorite activity because Tyler from the staff runs it. He runs it like old-fashioned dodgeball and if you have 2 balls then you’re out. If you catch the ball and your teammates are out, he comes back in, but only one person can come back in. If you try to block the ball and the ball gets knocked out of your hands, you are out. If the ball hits the ball you have in your hand and then it hits you, you’re not out. If it hits the bleachers then hits you or if you catch the person that threw it, then it isn’t out and if it hits you you are not out. If it’s the last person and you’re out then the other team wins and you restart the game. Also, you can reach across the line to get a ball, but if your body crosses,then you’re out. It’s my favorite activity and hopefully some of yours too.


by Joe, Age 11

My favorite activity is dodgeball in gym. The reason I love dodgeball is I was the dodgeball king at my old school. Another reason I love dodgeball is because I played it my whole life. I have little legs which make it easier to dodge all the balls. I don’t grow fast so I’m small, which makes me a harder target.

My second favorite activity is computers and game room. The game I usually play on the computers is bad eggs. In the game room I play cards, but the game I play on cards is kips. In computers I play a lot of people. When I play pool I win not that much, but I still try.


by Jaden Atkins, Age 12

My favorite activity at the Boys & Girls Club is art class. We’ve done many fun, creative and clever things. I really like building things, so that’s probably why I like it so much. So far, my favorite thing in art room that we’ve done was make rotating boxes. I’m really looking forward to making paper mache masks.

My 2nd favorite class is zoom. And that’s because we don’t do much there. It’s mostly an interactive room, where we can’t talk to our friends. My favorite thing we’ve done in there was eat jello and go outside and watch Halloween town.


by Olivia Barnes, Age 11

My summer was awesome so far. I went swimming and I learned a lot from our staff. We played dodgeball, capture the flag and we made flowers in the art room. It was awesome here. The staff are awesome and they are fun and they play in our games too. When we go swimming it’s fun to play with your friends. Also, after swimming we get ice cream at the ice cream truck there. I am signed up for Amazing Jakes. I have been there with the Boys & Girls Club and it’s fun.

The activities you can do here are game room, computers, play in gym 1 and 2, art room and zoom. My favorite activity is computers. We play a lot of games. I play games with my friends and it’s awesome. My second favorite is gym 2. We play capture the flag, soccer, basketball, kickball and more. I love the Boys & Girls Club and I feel safe here with the staff.


by Jace Atkins, Age 13

My favorite activity is gym. We play a lot of things in gym that I like. One of my favorite activities in there is dodgeball. My other favorites are capture the flag, maketball, mat ball, and knock out. I also like the staff in gym 1 and 2.

My other favorite activity is game room. We do a lot of fun things in there. I love playing kips and speed with all of my friends. I also play bumper pool and basketball. I like the staff and volunteers in that room too.


by Aili Sneezy, Age 7

Once upon a time, there lived an awful wizard named Leo. Leo was awful because he was the worst wizard that ever lived, he couldn’t even brew his own potion or get his magic to work. One day he met a witch that sold him a potion that would make him the best wizard that ever lived.

He took the potion and nothing happened. But the next morning, he was a duck.

“She tricked me,” said Leo. “Never trust a witch.”

The End


by Chandler Kaschimer, Age 8 

Incoming signal

Establishing Connection

Receiving Message

Hello! Hello my name is Taylor. I’m stuck on a weird desert moon in a crash on a ship called the Varia. I seem to be the only survivor in the crash. The door is IMPOSSIBLE to move. I have no way of communication because the computers are all wrecked up. If only I can make a pickaxe.

Taylor is busy

Ta da! I made a pickaxe out of computer hardware and hacked through the door. There is a whole new world out there. I mean LITERALLY, there’s a crater right next to me. I’m going to go check it out.

Taylor is busy

I’m so tired. This crater is HUGE. I mean the star of this moon is getting low. I think I should go back to the Varia.

Taylor is busy

Ok I’m back at the Varia. I’m getting  so cold. My only warmth is the reactor. I’m going to camp up down there.

Taylor is busy

Hey I’m good as new! I don’t have five ears or two mouths. I’m ready for a hearty breakfast. I can snack down a few grab-and-go snack packs and I’m ready to go!

Taylor is busy

Now that I’m ready, I can go explore the crater down there.

Taylor is busy

WHOA. You got to see what I found! IT’S A SECRET BASE IN THE ROCKS. I AM DEFINITELY GOING INSIDE. Huh? My rats from the Varia. Hi Chubby and Blacksmith. AND THEY ARE KILLING EACH OTHER FOR A TINY PIECE OF CRUMB. It’s so horrifying! I can’t look. WHOA. A SLIMY GREEN… THING IS CLIMBING OUT OF BLACKSMITH. I think it’s an alien! I’m going to stomp on it. That takes care of that. Whoa. WORKING COMPUTERS! But I don’t like the way they sound. I can read  you what they say.


WAIT. DID THEY SAY LOCKDOWN SUCCESFUL! I’m in big trouble. Let me hack into those computers.

Taylor is busy

There’s that and that and I’m done! So the door is moveable now. What about the TARGET ACQUIRED part?

Intense heat spotted

Minor leg burns

My leg burns! Huh? That was another ship that crashed into the hideout! And on the computer shows little green things crashing into the moon. WAIT. THOSE ARE SPACESHIPS. It’s like somebody was trying to crash them. I’m going back to the Varia for my sleep plans.

Taylor is busy

There, I’m back at the Varia. I’m going to get ready for sleep.

Taylor is busy

Whoa! Those ships I saw didn’t crash. They are rescue ships! I have glow rods to signal them for help. Over here ship, over here. The ship picked me up and sent me into the orbit of earth. And now I’m back home on my home planet, Earth.

The End


by Camille Kiser, Age not provided

Once there was an alien princess who lived on an asteroid. She crashed on a planet with eight craters. She made each of the craters houses and named them Cocktail, Pecan, Asparagus, Gummy Bear, Salt, Apple, Carmel, and Carrot. She named them that because they looked like food. Then another asteroid with seven aliens on it hit the planet, and they lived in the seven smaller houses while the princess lived in the gigantic Gummy Bear Castle.

The End


by Christian Kaschimer, Age 8

My room is clean if you walk in.It also has my dog,Roxy in it too. You will find a binder full of Pokemon.I will make my room stay like that.There is a reading section on top of my bed.It is very useful if you don’t know something.Sometimes Roxy wanders out of my room.

My dog is a lazy dog.We can’t take her on walks,she doesn’t swim,and she doesn’t play catch.All she does in my room is lay down.

If you don’t know the percents it is me: 16% Roxy: 84%

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