by Terri Durham, Office Coordinator

I took up golf about five years ago. I bought a set of clubs, golf shoes, glove, sun visor and two dozen hot pink golf balls. The first time I debuted my head-to-toe golf ensemble, I had the confidence of professional golfer Michelle Wie. If only my golf game was as strong as my swag. Every time I played, I got frustrated and would quit. I couldn’t figure out how to golf on my own.

For my birthday, this year, I got a golf lesson with a golf pro. In just one hour, I was hitting my driver further than I ever had! My coach, Jon, instructed me on the proper golf grip, where to line up the ball, how to do a 90-degree check, when to open or close the club face and how to finish strong. I had the ability in me all along; I just needed someone to come alongside me and show me I could do it.

Jobs for Life is like coach Jon. It encourages and instructs learners on the foundations of being employable. By training and equipping, Jobs for Life prepares men and women for meaningful work through honest relationships, mentoring, Biblically-based training and an ongoing community of support.

When people are able to work, it provides dignity, value and purpose. Work verifies ones identity through contribution to the team and the employer. Work creates community and renews cities. Work changes everything.

A lack of work contributes to poverty, crime, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, unwanted pregnancies, divorce and suicide. Nothing attacks one’s dignity like a lack of work. Without work, many begin to identify themselves with their circumstances – like “welfare mom” and “deadbeat dad.” But, we were created in the image of God, with value and worth! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, with gifts, talents and purpose.

Seeds of Hope is making positive changes in our community and in the lives of individuals who go through the Jobs for Life eight-week course. The next semester begins in September. Now is the time we recruit a few coaches, who can instruct and encourage a new class of learners on how to be employable. Could that be you? The job description is simple – be available to come alongside a few participants who are trying to make a better future for themselves.

We also connect our Jobs for Life graduates with employers who can offer entry level positions. Do you own a business or have hiring responsibilities? The ability to work is the foundation to creating a community that values one another. By offering employment to new Jobs for Life graduates, you create a culture of opportunity and begin the restoration of dignity in individuals.

Jobs for Life restores dignity, changes lives and transforms communities. Contact our office to learn more about how you can be a part of offering this hope at 520-836-6335.