We sat down and talked with owner Diann Prechel to find out!

by Bea Lueck

“I envisioned it to be a nice, comfortable, relaxing place where people can hang out with friends, enjoy a glass of wine, beer, coffee or smoothie and just kick back in their home away from home.” 

– Diann Prechel, owner

Do you serve food? 

Yes! A Latte Vino offers an assortment of small plated appetizers, sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts.

Do you see yourself expanding the menu to entrees?

The food concept complements the “sit back and enjoy” atmosphere, rather than go out for a big heavy meal. It isn’t our concept to have a full restaurant. We are discussing perhaps a BBQ grill special on the weekends or other special dinner nights in the future. It’s always evolving!

Why coffee and wine together? 

They share the same basic idea, where you enjoy them with friends and communicate. They are both better when shared with friends! Or come in and make new friends. I’ve had several people say they enjoy coming in by themselves to relax and unwind with a nice glass of wine or beer.  Over the last two years I must have gone to over 100 wine bars all over the U.S. and abroad, looking for ideas. A Latte Vino is a blend of the best of all of them.

Do you plan on adding anything? 

I will always be adding things it will be constantly evolving. So stay tuned.

How did you decide on what wines to serve? 

It’s a lot harder than you may think. I researched and sampled a wide variety of wines. Part of what you find here is what I like and part of it has been doing intimate tasting parties with friends and getting their feedback. And of course, my beverage sales reps have been fantastic guides by providing samples and educating me on trends and what’s popular in other locations. We currently offer over 50 wines – reds, white, and sparking varieties. Wine is kind of moody. It’s all about how you feel. The flavor is just part of the experience. The ambiance finishes the wine.


Yes! We offer over 25 beers including Arizona craft beers as well as popular imports and domestic beers.

Do you feature any Arizona wines? 

Yes, right now Zarpara from Willcox. Arizona Stronghold from Cottonwood. I’m continually adding new wines. The Arizona wineries and vineyards continue to mature and produce some amazing vintages.

Will you be doing any special tasting events? 

Yes. The goal is to have two or three events each month featuring different wines and food parings. The events are open to the public with limited seating so please RSVP. This allows us to create a more intimate tasting environment where you can enjoy the wine and learn more about the wine, the winery and suggested food parings.

Is A Latte Vino child-friendly? 

Yes, children are welcome, although the atmosphere it is more geared for adults. There are non-alcoholic beverages available, but we do not have a children’s food menu.

What prompted you to open a coffee and wine bar in Casa Grande? 

I thought there was a need for a more upscale but comfortable place to relax and just “be”. People, including myself, would go to the Valley for this type of establishment. Casa Grande was ripe for the opportunity. A Latte Vino is a combination of what I want and what the community wants as a place to hang out and socialize

How did you come up with the ideas for the décor?

A lot of random shopping over the last year! I wanted it to be rustic and eclectic, but still glamorous.  The overhead door to the patio was an idea that allows both sunshine and fresh air, allowing the perfect blend of outside and inside. I wanted it to feel like a Tuscany winery. The mix of seating styles creates intimate nooks all within the space. Plus, there is a private room for intimate gatherings or small parties.

What has been your feedback so far? 

Everyone loves it and says, “This is what Casa Grande has needed.” One person told me, “The food is unexpected. I would never have thought a brand new place would nail it from the very first day.” To me, it’s everything I wanted and imagined it to be.