A Firm Foundation

Pastor Rick Lemberg- C.C. Willis, Jr.- Ruth Sheppard- Ada Knuth- Kathi Arp- Kathy O’Connor- Marjorie Taylor- Dolores Bradford- Helen Frazey- Betty Silguero

These names are a blast from the past, so you might not recognize them.

They are the visioning pastor and original members of the Seeds of Hope Board of Directors, a group formed in 1992 to begin a project that would give the poor a hand up, rather than a hand-out. We owe these 10 individuals a debt of gratitude for planting the seeds that grew into Seeds of Hope, a Christian organization promoting opportunities to improve lives through relationships and community development.

Seeds of Hope was created by the community, based on the principles of Christian community development. The opening of the hot-lunch program in 1993 marked the first in a long line of programs and accomplishments that span 25 years. Our success is based on the enthusiastic support and participation of community members.

In the following pages, we highlight people from our past, our present and our future. We dedicate these pages to the over 50 board members, five executive directors, hundreds of volunteers, donors and friends over 25 years who have made Seeds of Hope what it is today.

Current Staff & Board Members:

Staff: Mark Vanderheyden, Executive Director

Terri Durham, Office Coordinator

Antonia Nunez, After School Coordinator, Los Angeles de Esperanza Coordinator

Patricia Peterson, Hot Lunch Coordinator

Board of Directors:

Cindy Schaider, President

Esther Turner, Vice President

James Fults, Treasurer

Isaac Perez, Secretary

Ruby Lerfald

Vicki Cooper

Daniel Sanchez

Terri Larke

Arvin Van Ry