Elementary Schools

Casa Grande boasts some of the best elementary schools in the entire region! The Casa Grande Elementary School District instructs approximately 7,000 students each year, and maintains a staff of approximately 900 dedicated and talented employees. Over the past 17 years, the district has received a staggering 44 awards for its accomplishments in areas such as teaching and student achievement. In addition, schools in the district have received A+ ratings from the Arizona Education Foundation.The district also offers amazing special programs that help students succeed by focusing on important attributes that will guide them for the rest of their lives. Such programs for the district include the Leadership Academy, the career camps that are held each summer, the “cluster” classrooms for high-achieving and gifted students in elementary school and the Leader in Me program. Casa Grande also has three high-achieving private schools for K-8 students. With so many school choices and so many high caliber schools for parents to choose from, it’s not hard to see why the CGESD has won so many awards over the years. When someone asks if Casa Grande has good schools, don’t take our word for it — just look at the facts.

High Schools

For the workforce of tomorrow, Casa Grande Union High School District is preparing students like no other high school district around. CGUHSD instructs over 4,500 students and maintains a staff of approximately 450 committed employees. Approximately 1,800 of these students are enrolled in Career Technical Education (CTE) programs offered by CGUHSD, which is helping prepare students to become part of the workforce that future businesses in Casa Grande will need to succeed. The CTE program boasts exceptional production from its students; its program enrollees have a 98 percent graduation rate, a 100 percent credential licensing to all students who complete the program, and the program provides 12 different fields for students to choose from. Each give them the tools they need to succeed for life after high school. These programs have produced exceptionally talented students and are award- winning for their success. For example, the FFA (agriculture) chapter at Casa Grande Union High School has been named the State of Arizona’s most outstanding high school FFA chapter three times in the past 10 years.

In addition to the CTE programs offered, CGUHSD offers competitive AP and honors courses in fields such as math, science, English and social studies that help prepare students for college. Many students that graduate from Casa Grande high schools are college-bound, and just last year, graduates were offered more than $3 million in scholarship money to attend colleges. With so many exceptional programs and classes offered by the CGUHSD, it is easy to see how Casa Grande is molding the work force for the future.

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