As Casa Grande has grown and medical technology has improved over the years, health care and medical treatment in Casa Grande has not only gotten better, it has become the envy of the region. Casa Grande now boasts the best medical facilities in all of Pinal County, and with an even bigger expected increase in population coming in the next few years, the pillars of health care in the community are ready to meet the challenge. Banner Casa Grande Medical Center is home to some of the newest state-of-the-art technology for patient care and health care techniques. In addition to the primary medical center, Banner provides many other services, such as infant services, cardiac care, urgent care and many other treatment options, available for specific patient needs.

Casa Grande Medical Facilities Map (click to enlarge)

In addition to the amount of services available, health care providers are focusing even more on patient experience and quality service. Ron Curphy, CEO of BCGMC, is a firm believer in this ideal.

“Banner Health has moved to an integrated delivery system that embraces value-based care, advances in clinical care, care coordination as well as accessible services with a superior patient experience,” Curphy said.

In addition to the services Banner provides, Nextcare, Sunlife and United Way are among the other leaders in Casa Grande that provide first-line aid to people in need.

With so many different options for care that are highly focused on providing the greatest quality care possible, it’s easy to see how Casa Grande is in good hands!

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