One of the staples of Casa Grande’s history and places to go for entertainment is without question the Historic Downtown district. Downtown Casa Grande has a lot to offer in terms of family entertainment, artistic craft, historic sites, family-run restaurants and so much more! Going out a bit further, visitors can explore the wonders of the Main Street District. Many residents believe this area is at the heart and soul of both the historical and the cultural foundation of Casa Grande, as it includes so many historical sites, locally-owned shops, government buildings and many other popular entities.

A great deal of investment has been made into this area by both the city and other organizations that want to see this area continue to flourish. The City of Casa Grande has invested millions of dollars into the historic sites, street decor and scenery all over the area. Local businesses in this area have also partnered with the nonprofit Casa Grande Main Street to provide support to new and existing business owners in the area with the goal of providing stability and maximizing success!

Mission Statement

To support the vision of Historic Downtown by enhancing the economic vitality, promoting and marketing the district, fostering partnerships and acting as the lead advocate for Historic Downtown and its historic preservation.

The Main Street program is designed to improve all aspects of the downtown, producing both tangible and intangible benefits. Strengthening public participation, and making downtown a fun place to visit are as critical to Main Street’s future as recruiting new businesses, rehabilitating buildings and expanding parking.

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