Casa Grande’s Strategic Plan is a collaborative effort between City Council and City executive leadership, Mayor Craig McFarland shared with Golden Corridor Living.

“With the help of a consultant to lead the Council through a process we developed five focus areas.”

These areas are:

  • Financial sustainability
  • Quality of life
  • Marketing
  • Infrastructure
  • Education

Residents will see improved work in these areas over the next five years. For instance, in the education arena, leaders hope to increase the number of baccalaureate degrees earned by Casa Grande residents by 10 percent, as well as increase the number of students attending post graduate institutions or vocational education by 20 percent through 2020.

The plan for the city’s infrastructure includes access to the internet for 100 percent of its residents by 2019, as well as identifying and funding a transit plan within five years.

“This process and the plans that came from the process have given our City great focus and direction,” McFarland said.

“Council and staff came away from this with a clear direction and vision: We will leverage the current economic climate, new opportunities and our strong community to improve quality of life, civic pride and quality jobs. Casa Grande’s strategic location and strongly motivated City leadership will honor diversity and provide opportunities for all residents to be successful. By building a sustainable and attractive community we can create a place where people can safely live, work and play.”