Casa Grande: Let’s Build onto our Home

by Craig H. McFarland, Mayor, City of Casa Grande

We are home to 75 restaurants, 19 parks, 18 miles of trails, the Dorothy Powell Senior Center, the Casa Grande Community Recreation Center, Aquatic Center, two public libraries, a Neon Sign Park and many sports fields and open spaces.

These amenities provide the community with access to a number of year-round, indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities. For more information regarding the City’s facilities, parks, and trails, please visit

This year, the Mayor and Council is asking voters to approve a special bond election Nov. 8 focusing on parks, roads and fire stations. The funding/project proposal looks out to fiscal year 2023-2028 in terms of projecting the City’s assessed valuation and bonding capacity.

The individual bonds to approve/disapprove are:

1. Park and recreation/open space improvement bonds ($37 million):

To construct, improve and acquire community, neighborhood, regional and aquatic parks, including recreational facilities, buildings and improvements; to acquire land for parks, recreational facilities, buildings and open spaces; to make improvements, additions and replacements to existing parks and recreational facilities and buildings; to landscape, furnish and equip existing and new parks and recreational facilities and buildings.

2. Public safety/fire bonds ($22 million):

To construct, improve, renovate and remodel fire stations, other fire safety related facilities; to furnish, equip and improve fire stations, fire related facilities and radio infrastructure; and to acquire vehicles and land for fire and public safety purposes.

3. Civic buildings/improvement bonds ($15 million):

To acquire, construct, improve, renovate, replace and remodel municipal buildings and facilities including municipal administrative buildings and facilities located within and around the city hall complex, including such improvements as HVAC systems, roofing, plumbing, electrical systems and generators, technology and other building components related thereto; to furnish and equip such municipal facilities, and improve the grounds thereof.

4. Streets and transit improvement bonds ($51 million):

To design, acquire, improve, construct, reconstruct and rehabilitate the streets, avenues, alleys and highways of or within the City except in any industrial parks or industrial areas; to design, acquire, install, construct and reconstruct street lighting, traffic signal/control systems, underground utility lines, landscape improvements and related transit/bicycle program improvements, including shared use paths and trails; to acquire land and interests in land for transportation purposes, with the exception of any industrial areas or industrial parks.