The predicted increase in industrial businesses and population in the coming years will likely have a profound effect on traffic. To ensure that transportation needs are met and there are no major traffic deficiencies, both the city and Pinal County are conducting studies to understand to understand the most important areas for road improvements.

Casa Grande Transit Plan

Work on the Casa Grande Transit Development Plan began in December 2016. The plan has included a management plan as well as public outreach to ensure public input is considered for the project. In addition, a transit technical committee has been established to guide study efforts.  Based on initial assessments, the plan suggests that Casa Grande will be dramatically different than it is today. The study also includes the creation of new service route options, and they have been reviewed by the public — via surveys and online interactive mapping tools — and by the committee itself. The study will conclude in December 2017.

Pinal County Regional Transportation Plan

In addition to the transit plan that Casa Grande is working on, the Pinal County Regional Transportation Plan is currently in works to make investments in key strategic routes to improve regional transportation as the population of the county increases. These improvements will come in the form of financial assistance to each community based on population size and project importance.  Casa Grande, for example, is expected to receive over $260 million in funding for traffic infrastructure projects over the next 20 years. This will go toward road improvements, expansions and a brand new freeway connecting to the East Valley.

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