Casa Grande — United in Our Purpose

by Craig H. McFarland, Mayor, City of Casa Grande

There is a sentence in our Declaration of Independence issued by the Continental Congress July 4, 1776 that speaks to our forefathers’ commitment to our fledgling alliance that we call these United States of America. It is: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” 

What a powerful statement! 

Consider what they faced, sending this Declaration to the King of England and basically calling him out. Come take our freedom, come take our liberty, come take our fortunes, come take our lives. It makes today’s struggles look trivial.

Fast-forwarding to current-day Casa Grande, the stakes aren’t as high for City leadership as we work together to update our Strategic Plan, but we are no less united in our declaration of purpose. 

The Strategic Plan is a document through which the City Council and senior City staff sets forth our Focus Areas and motives for City employees as they provide services to residents and businesses. 

It does include some action statements but does not outline specific activities workers should undertake, since there are countless ways to reach any particular goal, and employees gain ownership in the process by figuring out the how.

As we were putting together the current plan we adopted in June 2018, we underwent a process that helped us understand our areas of focus and clearly communicate our purpose. We were also able to understand our needs by honestly listening to new ideas. 

We were able to uncover the deeper goals of our City, and through that came up with a plan that helps to unite us with common motivation. 

Our five focus areas in the adopted Strategic Plan are: quality of life; marketing; education and workforce development; fiscal responsibility and economic opportunity. You can find a link to the complete document at

Any good strategic plan is updated periodically (sometimes yearly, sometimes every other year). It is meant to be flexible as things change or goals achieved move you to the next need or Focus Area.

As we undergo this process of updating we have added a sixth Focus Area: advance our healthy community. The activities in this area will concentrate on enhancing health and safety for all of our residents through such public safety initiatives as data-driven traffic enforcement, our CGHELPS Resource Center, our homelessness and workforce housing task forces and our Healthy Community website at 

We anticipate the City’s 2020 Strategic Plan will be adopted by the end of April. 

The City’s leaders are united as we take our Strategic Plan in this exciting new direction, which will enhance life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every Casa Grande resident under our community’s growing horizon.