Christmas Crafts For Kids


Difficulty level: moderate, involves sharp knife

  • Plain paper, white and colored
  • Water-based acrylic paint, assorted colors
  • Metal cookie cutters, assorted holiday shapes
  • Paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Shallow bowls
  • Artist paint brushes
  • One potato for every two shapes

Cut the potato in half, lengthwise. Press the cookie cutter into the potato. Carefully cut the potato around the cookie cutter, about 1/2” deep. Remove the cookie cutter and trim any edges to remove the cut slice of potato.

Spread the paper flat. Pour a small quantity of paint in each bowl. Dip the potato into the paint – or use the paint brush to brush the paint onto the raised surface of the potato.

Press the potato onto the paper, creating a stamped pattern. Let the paint dry before rolling or using the gift wrap.


  • Assorted pinecones
  • White craft paint
  • Glitter
  • Red yarn
  • Craft glue
  • Paper plates

To make snow covered pinecones, pour a small amount of paint on a paper plate. Dip the edges of the pinecones in the paint, rotating to do all sides. Be careful to use minimal paint and not saturate the pinecones.

To make glittery pinecones, pour a small amount of glitter on a paper plate. Drizzle craft glue on the pinecone. Roll the pinecone in the glitter, or sprinkle glitter over the pinecone.

Once the pinecones have dried, wrap the yard around the base of the pinecone, tying in a knot to keep from slipping off. Place a drop of glue on the knot. String pinecones in clusters every few inches.


  • Plain glass ornaments
  • Assorted colored sharpie markers
  • Draw on the glass ornaments to your heart’s content!


  • Regular and miniature marshmallows
  • White yard or fishing line
  • Darning needle, large enough to thread the yarn or fishing line
  • White button

Let the marshmallows sit out in the air for a couple of days before stringing. Tie a knot at the end of the yarn, then string a button. Carefully string the marshmallows without tearing. The button will stop the marshmallows from pulling through.