City Of Maricopa Honored For Setting Its Sights On Diversified Housing, Future Growth

conceptual plan for a town center, as well as options for diversified housing have earned the City of Maricopa a Master Plan award from the Arizona Chapter of the American Planning Association.

“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized in this manner,” says Kazi Haque, Zoning Administrator for the City, whose team won the award for its Housing Needs Assessment & Housing Plan. “We embarked on this study to better assess the housing needs of our community, as well as create a viable plan to meet them.”

Reviews of regional and local housing reports, as well as interviews with housing experts, focus groups and stakeholders, were conducted by Atria Planning LLC. After analyzing the data, they City was provided with strategies for moving forward.

“By diversifying the housing options within the City of Maricopa, we can better manage growth and incentivize development,” explains Haque. “The goal of this plan is to further develop a ‘live-work-play’ environment that supports the goals of the City’s General Plan.” Ideas were conceived for a “town center” at the current City Center site to include shops, restaurants, walkways, civic space, condos and apartments.

“This concept plan represents the first step in adding new housing types to the Maricopa market,” notes Haque, “while also addressing the ‘Village Center’ concept of the City’s General plan.”