Come and Build a City with Us: Maricopa Women Blaze Trails for Local Economy

by Economic & Community Development

“Come and build a city with us!” is our mantra. In the midst of the pandemic, building is booming in the City.

As of Aug. 13 the City has processed 722 new home permits, compared to 987 for all of 2019. Numerous other brick-and-mortar structures, including a business park, hotel, apartments and new public library, are all underway.

In celebrating Leaders in Business and Community, we interviewed strong female entrepreneurs who have come to build a city with us by opening new businesses in Maricopa over the past year, truly proving themselves to be leaders in their industries.

Kristina Donnay, FNP-C — Maricopa Wellness Center (Opened April 2019)
What do you offer?
I own a full-service medical spa and wellness center offering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, as well as facials, laser removal, botox, body contouring and COVID testing.

Why did you locate to Maricopa?
My husband and I own the business with my parents. My father and I run the business. My dad has lived in Maricopa since before Basha’s (the second development in Rancho El Dorado), and I’ve lived here for five years. All my family lives here (brothers, uncles and aunts). We saw a need for a medical spa and were the first ones to do it because this place is home. It was a natural and easy decision.

Vanessa McDill — State Farm (Opened January 2019)
What do you offer?
I provide insurance and financial services.

Why did you locate to Maricopa?
My family and I relocated to Maricopa in 2005. This has been a great community to live in and raise our kids. The next step in my career was to open my own agency, and there was no better place in my mind to do so than Maricopa.

Karla Wear — Sweet Cravings (Opened physical location July 2020)
What do you offer?
My business is home-based bakery confections (cupcakes, cookies, brownies, any dessert that you can think of) as well as custom-designed cakes for birthdays and weddings.

Why did you locate to Maricopa?
We moved here in 2005 when I was in high school. I went to high school here, and I loved it here. I love Maricopa. I love the feel of the city, how open it is, how many people come in daily. I also wanted to open my business in Maricopa because I hope to be able to give back to our community, as I graduated from Maricopa High School.

LaDonda Dees — Buff City Soap (Opened December 2019)
What do you offer?
We make handcrafted, plant-based soaps and body products that are good for your skin and smell great, too! No animal products, no artificial detergents!

What made you locate to Maricopa?
I have lived in Maricopa since 2012 and thought as a resident we need more shops. When I was given the opportunity to open my first store anywhere in Arizona I thought “Why not Maricopa?” It’s a unique shop with every product handmade in the store!

Building a city the easy way
Maricopa takes great pride in making opening a business in the City as easy as possible. At the beginning of a project, a permit applicant is assigned a project liaison who serves as a single point of contact throughout the process from planning and engineering to building and completion.

“Developers and business owners throughout the country are taking note of the excellent opportunities and customer service focus the City offers,” said Economic and Community Services Director Nathan Steele. “We can’t wait to see who else comes to build a city with us!”