Community Events

In 25 years of service to our community, Seeds of Hope has become a recognizable charity. Being committed to improving our community spiritually, educationally and socially has made us a leader in organizing annual community-wide events, like the Thanksgiving Day lunch and the National Day of Prayer.

The annual Thanksgiving Day lunch brings together other partner organizations, such as The Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Home of Hope, The Elk’s Lodge and dozens of volunteers to host the less fortunate in our community. Seeds of Hope has organized this day for 15 years.

The National Day of Prayer community-wide event brings together all corners of Casa Grande for an evening of prayer for the most important and influential corners of our society.

The first Thursday in May has been the traditional day set aside for the National Day of Prayer. Seeds of Hope began organizing an evening of prayer and music in 2010.

The event was originally held in Peart Park, but after a few years of unpredictable weather, the event was moved to First Presbyterian Church.