Coolidge Business Succeeds with Excellent Partner in Chamber

by Jon Thompson, Mayor, City of Coolidge

I want to take a moment this issue to focus on some excellent partnerships the City has with our community. Specifically, I’d like to speak about our excellent relationship with the Coolidge Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Executive Director Lynn Parsons.

The Chamber has been a staple in Coolidge, and the fruits of its labor are seen in businesses that line the city streets. We are excited to have partnered with it on many occasions for different events and outreach for economic development.

One of those economic development ideas started by our Chamber is the Coolidge Economic Development Committee ( The group is a partnership between government, small business and other community partners to find ways to grow existing business and entice new companies into the area. The group has proven very successful with ideas to help the business community.

The Chamber has also been able to develop many great relationships over the years and is an invaluable resource for those looking for information to get started in the City.

Parsons has specifically been involved with a wide-range of businesses to help with employee retention, relocation or in starting a business. Some of those include McDonald’s, Spektrum promotional products and La Michoacana Ice Cream Parlor in our downtown area. All of these small businesses play an important part in the community.

Another way the Chamber helps the City is with the many groups, associations and partnerships it is a part of. Many times, chambers of commerce can be a valuable voice for the cities they serve and the Coolidge Chamber is certainly an asset.

Perhaps one of the most timely groups they’re associated with is the Small Business Development Center at Central Arizona College. As businesses faced some challenging times this year, financial programs from the government for small businesses became an overnight need. The Chamber was quick to reach out to its contacts, who provided up-to-date and relevant information that could help businesses right here in Coolidge. They also maintain partnerships with local and state groups, which help to stay in tune with the latest business trends as well as the community.

Arizona@Work is another way the Chamber partners with the state to maintain connections with businesses looking to hire or offering incentives that entice them to do so. The Chamber has had great success in helping businesses partner with Arizona@Work to find high-quality applicants to fill positions in the local area. Job fairs are also held at the Chamber and have been widely received by businesses and local talent looking for a job.

I can’t say enough about the great partnership Coolidge has with the Coolidge Chamber of Commerce. From helping tourists find a great place to eat or helping a business owner look at ways Coolidge might be a great fit, the strong leadership with Parsons and the board have helped Coolidge grow in so many ways. When local organizations partner with government, the benefit stretches across the City.

I hope you stop by the Chamber when traveling to Coolidge. The friendly staff can help you find something you may have not have experienced before.