Coolidge is Ever Growing and Improving Services

by Jon Thompson, Mayor, City of Coolidge

Coolidge had some amazing transformations recently that benefit not only the citizens but the surrounding community.

The newly constructed Coolidge Aquatic Center has been open since May, and demand has remained hot over the summer months. This 1-acre facility in downtown contains some of the best water features found in the country.

The showcase feature is a spiral 30-foot waterslide that’s sure to become a favorite among visitors. Surrounding the waterslide is a large pool with a splash area for the younger visitors to enjoy. The season runs late May through Labor Day.

Additionally, the facility features a competition-size pool that’s been needed for years. The City and the Coolidge Unified School District share the operations of the aquatic center.

Finally, the road next to the center and high school has been paved making a huge improvement to the area. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, one of the main goals of this Council is repairing or reconstructing roads that have long been needed. I’m proud we’re making tremendous progress toward this goal.

Public works has moved into a new building that once served as a large construction office. It made fiscal sense to purchase a building that could serve the needs of Coolidge for many decades to come. This facility fits in perfectly as the City grows and our ability to efficiently service city vehicles and equipment is met. Formally the Felix Construction building, the 18,000 square foot center contains much-needed office space as well as six large bays to accommodate very large vehicles for service, including fire engines.

Finally, as our growth continues to boom in Coolidge, our infrastructure is a top priority.

We’ve recently examined our options in improving the wastewater treatment plant and how we can accommodate the vast population numbers we anticipate. We’ve hired an excellent consultant with many years of experience in these operations around the country.

Already ways have been found to improve the facility immediately by mitigating potential odors, identifying areas of enhancement including our holding lagoons, as well as making sure the system as a whole is well maintained.

The next step in this process is to identify what actions should be taken to accommodate a larger population. These could include various upgrades to the plant in either expansion or modernization with the latest technology.

The Council and I welcome the new growth to Coolidge and are look at all areas in ways we can continually improve and make the City a destination for new business and residents.

And as the weather starts to cool down, Coolidge is a great place to explore the Casa Grande Ruins with free admission. Other museums include the Coolidge Historical Museum and the Pinal County Gem and Mineral Museum.

I invite you to Coolidge to explore all the great places the city has to offer.