Coolidge: Paving the Way for Easier, Safer Roadways


by Jon Thompson, Mayor, City of Coolidge

I’d like to talk about the great work our public works department has done maintaining, replacing and upgrading roadways across the city.

The council and I have made roads one of our priorities based on feedback from past citizen surveys that identified road improvements as a high priority.

Currently, there are many miles of roadway planned for improvement this year. This plan includes replacing some of the aging streets in our downtown area near San Carlos Park. These newly constructed roads not only help beautify the area but provide much needed relief for roadway users and our residents.

Our downtown area is one of the largest areas we’ve focused on due to the aging infrastructure. I am especially proud of the recently constructed Coolidge Aquatic Center and the new road adjacent to the facility that includes Coolidge High School.

We’ve also focused on many heavily used roads across the city, including Signal Peak and Martin Road.

I’m also happy to announce that approximately 80 trees will be planted along Coolidge Avenue to further beautify the area and provide shade along the street. These small steps enhance the overall use of our city streets and make walking along them more pleasant.

As our City grows, roadways will continue to be an important priority for our citizens and those who travel through our city, especially as tourism to Coolidge increases.

We are fortunate to have a national monument that showcases the rich history as well as the ancient desert people who called this area home. The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is a widely popular destination within the National Parks system. It’s on pace to attract more than 50,000 visitors this year.

We also have a wide variety of dining options in Coolidge. From fast food to dine in, our city offers a great experience just a few blocks from the Casa Grande Ruins.

We also have other destinations in Coolidge like the Gem and Mineral Museum and Historical Museum. These are a great complement to the Casa Grande Ruins and provide an excellent way to learn more about the vibrant culture of the area.

I encourage you to visit Coolidge and take the time to explore all we have to offer. It’s a great place to work, live and play!

Photo courtesy City of Coolidge