Casa Grande Public Library

The Vista Grande Public Library Creative Writing Contest is an ongoing monthly contest where children write stories at the library’s Creative Writing Station. Each monthly winner gets his or her picture taken and placed on the Creative Writing Hall of Fame, receives a free book of his or her choosing from the creative writing cart and gets the winning story published in Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine.

Youth can also write stories at home and submit them to the library. Winners are selected by library staff members, who read through monthly submissions and choose the one that stands out, based on creative merit.

The Vista Grande Public Library has hosted this contest since 2013, and receives hundreds of submissions every year. The Creative Writing Station is a fun way to get kids involved in writing and storytelling by allowing them to write about whatever they want and making it a fun experience.

This Issue’s Winner: “A Book Called ‘Tim'” by Amy Ellis:

“Tim” the book sat on a dusty shelf in the library. He hadn’t been checked out in years, but he didn’t know why. So, he asked his friend Tayler.

“Tayler, what kind of book am I?”

“You don’t … know?” Tayler asked.

“No,” Tim said sadly.

“You’re a dictionary,” Tayler said.


So “Tim” the book was thrown away by the librarian, Mr. David, because he hadn’t been checked out in two and a half years.
The End