Current Programs

After-School Program

2017 stats:

  • 85 individual children participated
  • 7, 619 visits
  • 18 children showed report card improvement

The after-school program has instituted an initiative this past school year aimed at helping students achieve academic success. Power Hour is a non-optional 60 minutes of homework help, tutoring and reading enrichment. Power Hour uses volunteers to give undivided attention to small groups of kids in the same grade. This intentional effort to raise test scores has proven to be a success for many of our kids. Ultimately, we want our after-school kids to graduate from high school and choose to continue their education. For some, that will be more than most of their family members. Power Hour has given our underserved kids confidence that they can perform at the same academic level as others in their class.

Hot Lunch

2017 stats:

  • 385 unique participants
  • 9,849 meals served
  • 306 devotions given
  • 320 emergency food boxes, 235+ hygiene kits

The hot lunch program serves a heated meal to the hungry, six days a week and free of charge. Fountains of Living Water, a downtown Casa Grande church, allows us to use their kitchen and dining area to host the lunch. In addition to lunch, emergency food boxes are distributed to needy families from supplies donated by the community, which are kept in a pantry area. Just off the kitchen is a room dedicated as a clothes closet, where those in need are able to sort through items of clothing and take what they need for the season. Local RV-park residents also provide hygiene kits that include basic hygiene items like soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

Jobs For Life

2017 stats:

  • 2 semesters
  • 10 graduates

Jobs for Life provides soft-skills training and equipping for men and women to find meaningful work in our community. Courses are taught by volunteers and members of the community. The curriculum is Biblically-based, and focuses on identity, character and community. Students learn soft skills, such as how to write a resumé, how to make a vocational plan, how to conduct yourself in an interview and how to communicate effectively. Our soft skills job-training program is helping to equip our community residents with the soft skills needed to make an impact in one of the many new jobs that will be coming to Casa Grande in the near future.

Los Angeles de Esperanza

2017 stats:

  • 37 participants

Seeds of Hope began a new culturally appropriate senior adult (55+) social program this year that is designed to meet the needs of Casa Grande residents, who are living in poverty. It aims to improve their quality of life by reducing social isolation and improving health and nutrition.

Los Angeles de Esperanza (Angels of Hope), offered in the Mondo Anaya Community Center, has an advisory board, which helps guide the development of programming that meets the cultural and unique needs of this population. Meeting Monday through Friday mornings, programming includes a coffee hour, board games, cards, puzzles and crafts. Basic instruction in computer literacy, internet safety and creating email accounts as well as social media tutorials are also provided. Occasionally, workshops/presentations are provided by outside partners, such as Sun Life Family Health Center and University of Arizona, on topics such as health/well-being, nutrition and exercise or fall prevention.

Mondo Anaya Wellness Clinic

2017 stats:

  • Saw an average of 24 people on clinic days

The wellness clinic teaches education and preemptive care as part of the patient’s overall health assessment. By educating patients on how to take care of themselves to avoid chronic conditions in the future, individuals can make better nutrition choices and create exercise plans to keep themselves active.

Stanfield Medical Clinic

2017 stats:

  • Provided individual services 408 times
  • Each clinic day saw an average of 40 patients
  • Food boxes were distributed by Stanfield First Baptist Church on most clinic days.

Many people do not have access to medical care. Without the Stanfield Medical Clinic, many patients with acute illnesses would go untreated, leading to chronic conditions. The volunteer doctors and nurses treat patients, write prescriptions and refer for further testing at local labs. Treating people with dignity and respect opens the door for spiritual conversations.


Hot Lunch

  • Serves hot, nutritious lunches six days per week for those in need.

After-School Program

  • Provides a structured learning environment for at-risk youth. Volunteers provide educational support through tutoring and homework help. They also teach pro-social behaviors.
  • Develops peer-leader life-skills for teens ages 13-18. Teens receive leadership training and assist in and supervise daily activities.

Adult Education

  • Promotes self-sufficiency for individuals and families attending these programs.
  • Jobs for Life – provides soft-skills training and equipping for men and women to find meaningful work in our community.
  • Los Angeles de Esperanza – Improves the quality of life for senior adults (55+) living in poverty by reducing social isolation and improving health and nutrition.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

  • Supports grandparents who are raising grandchildren by providing advocacy and activities.

Stanfield Medical Clinic

  • Offers free medical services monthly. Volunteer doctors and nurses see an average of 45 patients each clinic day.

Community Development

Through the Mondo Anaya Community Center

  • Monthly wellness checks.
  • Casa Grande Elementary School District summer feeding program.
  • University of Arizona Cooperative Extension nutrition classes.
  • Youth Haven Kid’s Klub program.
  • Weekly men’s Bible study.
  • Mexican Consulate immigrant processing location.

Through cooperation with other community partners

  • Annual community-wide Thanksgiving Day lunch.
  • National Day of Prayer community event.
  • Emergency Assistance Ministry, providing food and shelter to Casa Grande.