Deck the Halls!

deckhalls-holiday16Are you the type to stress over the placement of the last ornament? Or are you more the type to throw a handful of tinsel at the tree and call it decorated? While there is no right – or wrong, way to trim the tree, there are several secrets that make it look like a professional decorated for you.

Pick the right location – as they say in real estate, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Choose a location in a low-traffic area, away from fireplaces and other heat sources.

Shape the tree – Depending on whether you have a real tree or artificial, it takes just a few minutes to shape the tree to look just so. Real trees require a bit of grooming, so step back and view from all angles. If you have an obvious bare-spot, consider hiding that at the back of the tree.

Prep the lights – Step one is to test they light before you place them on the tree! Start at the bottom of the tree, circling round and round, working up as you go. 

Organize and hang your ornaments – there are many ways to place your ornaments; color, size, theme, and of course sentiment. Other important considerations are small children and pets. Keep fragile and valuable ornaments out of reach and danger of breakage by hanging near the top of the tree. Hang long, dangling ornaments towards the outer edge of the branch. Don’t forget to in-fill the inside of the tree.

Decide on how to hang your garland – draped, straight, vertical or diagonal, you have many considerations. Garland comes in many forms, from the humble popcorn or berry strings to ribbon or glittery strands.

Review your work – step back a few feet and admire your work. Don’t be afraid to move something that looks out of place.

When in doubt – GOOGLE!