Eloy Considers Revamping Downtown Water Tower

The City of Eloy is kicking around the idea of painting and lighting its historic water tower, with the City Council discussing its options just as Coolidge completed a similar project in time for the holidays.

The idea and some options were presented to the Council at a Dec. 2 work session, where Public Works Director Keith Brown said the structure was built in 1945 and provided water pressure for the town’s system for about 20 years until being replaced by a ground-mounted tank.

Brown researched possibilities for repainting and lighting the tower this fall after residents began expressing interest in having the structure repainted and lighted as Coolidge was doing. Officials there were inspired by the refurbishment of yet another water tower in downtown Gilbert about 10 years ago, which is surrounded by a park and has become a focal point of the community.

Just repainting the tower will cost about $190,000, he reported. Adding ground-mounted lighting to spotlight the structure from below would be an additional $50,000, and a lighting system on the tower itself, like Coolidge and Gilbert have, would run $100,000.
Council members said they had varying levels of interest in the project during the work session, and the proposal will be included in discussions for the 2020-21 budget.

The tower, where “ELOY” in red capitals is still very visible on the white tank, is on Main Street south of Frontier Street. It is considered a landmark by many locals and can be seen on the City’s website at www.eloyaz.gov.

Repainting the tower and other ideas to enhance the City’s center were also discussed at the Downtown Advisory Commission meeting on Dec. 11.

The City of Coolidge raised $68,000 from public and private sources to pay for the lights on that tower, while Arizona Water Company, which still uses it in its water system, covered the cost of repainting the tower and stenciling “COOLIDGE” on the tank’s side.