Eloy Continues to Improve Airport, Streetscape

by Joel Belloc, Mayor, City of Eloy

Now that we are solidly in the middle of another Arizona summer, I hope everyone is well and back to enjoying cookouts, sports, camping and whatever you and your family do to beat the heat, while staying safe and keeping healthy. I am pleased to have this opportunity to bring everyone up to date on important projects that will improve our community.

For example, not many people know that the Eloy Municipal Airport is home to SkyDiveAZ, known throughout the parachuting world as the best drop zone in the United States. To make the airport even more user-friendly, the City is in the final planning stages of an airport taxiway relocation and drainage improvements project set to begin construction in the fall of this year and be completed by summer 2021.

This project is entirely funded by grants from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Arizona Department of Transportation and will relocate the current taxiway to comply with FAA requirements, improving safety for takeoffs, landings and taxiing operations. Improvements to the airport’s drainage system, runway lighting and security fencing are also part of this project.
Another community enhancement effort is the City’s code compliance division. This team is working hard in Eloy every day, monitoring the community to keep it safe and clean. Our two staff members are tasked with minimizing the presence of junk and debris on private property, tall weeds, onsite long-term recreational vehicle parking and storage, inoperative vehicles, illegal building additions and graffiti removal.

Eloy’s goal is to work collaboratively with our residents and property owners to achieve voluntary compliance. The code compliance team has a challenging job, but through their diligence, Eloy continues to put its best foot forward.

Lastly, as part of a substantial monetary commitment by the City Council, all the sidewalk shade canopies on Main Street (from Frontier Street to Sixth Street) are being substantially renovated. In addition, the parapet walls and support columns for these buildings are also being repaired and repainted to create a clean, fresh look. The next step will be to add decorative features to the columns and even murals on certain building end caps.

With all of the recent improvements to downtown, including Eloy’s beautiful City Hall and the soon-to-be completed Phase I of the Police Department building (Phase II will be completed in the spring of 2021), we hope to attract many more visitors and retain and expand our business, restaurant and service offerings.

My vision is for a vibrant Main Street with visitors patronizing our stores, strolling along the sidewalks and using the new Eloy benches and trash receptacles. We know Eloy residents are proud of our community, and the City Council and staff continue to work diligently to make strategic investments that allow us to put our best foot forward for a vibrant, sustainable community.

Here is wishing you and yours a safe and fun summer!