Where Is Your Favorite Place In The World To Travel and Why?

Debi Gilbert-McClish Payson, Arizona. The Natural Bridge is an awesome day away from Casa Grande.

Mikki Summerland Palm Springs in California.

Danielle Denise Gillespie Maui, Hawaii. I went with my mom and stepdad when I was in high school.

Addie Huckabee Sicily, Italy. I lived there almost 3 years while hubby was stationed there with the U.S. Navy. The best part was that he proposed to me and married me there 15 years later, and after 16 years together, we both have many memories from there.

Jana Barnard Maui, Hawaii. My husband and I went for our 10-year anniversary, along with our best friends who were just married. Maui was so beautiful and relaxing. The food was amazing, and the locals were great! My husband surprised me by renewing our vows on the beach! I hope to go back one day.

Kathleen Fouch We went for our 10-year wedding anniversary and my grandmother-in-law had just recently passed away and told my mother-in-law before she passed that she wanted her and her husband to go on a trip of a lifetime. The island was beautiful; the sunsets were amazing and the locals were all so friendly. We want to go back, but next time to a different island. We made so many memories that will indeed last a lifetime!

Jennifer Juniper Belfast and County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It was one of my favorite trips. Not only was the countryside astonishingly beautiful (it’s called the Emerald Isle for a reason; I’ve never seen a place so lush and vividly green), but the people were warm, friendly and interesting.

Toni Vance The Caribbean, Virgin Islands & Bahamas. So far favorite has been snorkeling in St Thomas. Next year, we are going to Spain, Italy and France.

Alana Hardman Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon is absolutely breathtaking! It is definitely worth the drive and money for the tour.

Bill Johnson Salem, Massachusetts. It’s one of the most unique towns I’ve ever visited.

Susan Benson Harris Eureka Springs, Arkansas! It is such a cool town! I loved it!

Sandy Hawver Most recently on a trip to Europe my favorite location was Pompeii. Closer to home, my drive down Route 66 solo was great fun.

Uma I. Van Roosenbeek Uri, India. I have traveled most of the world except Russia! This small village in northern Kashmir is the most beautiful spot I have ever seen in my life. It combines the beauty of Swiss Alps with the wilderness of the Himalayan ranges.

Megan McKnight Monterey Bay, California. My dad and I were stuck in the area and decided to make the best of a rainy day by going to the aquarium, eating the best clam chowder I’ve ever had, walking around the boardwalk and going antiquing. That was pretty much the best day of my life so far.

Linda Price No matter where I go, I still love Sedona the best.

Kevin Davis Mount Shasta in Northern California!

Amanda Michelle Morrison Taos, New Mexico. My five-time great grandfather was Padre Antonio Jose Martinez and his hacienda is now a museum. He is prominent figure in New Mexico history as he led his parishioners through the periods of Spanish, Mexican and United States governments.To be in the place of my ancestors was incredible.

Marcella Unaitis I’ve lived in Vermont, California, Nevada, Colorado and have driven coast-to-coast five times.

Joanna Vasquez Chicago, Illinois. I was there for the World Series! It was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Rosemary Nicole Medrano San Juan, Puerto Rico. There are things to do whether you’re an adventure junkie or want to relax in paradise. You can take in the Spanish Colonial architecture of Old San Juan, visit the world class beaches to collect she or enjoy incredible surfing.

Dana Robinette I’ve been to Spain and lived in Germany for five years.

Rosalyn Ayres The most recent place I went was Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I thought it was pretty cool. It’s a suburb of Albuquerque.

Karen Claud Vietnam. It’s amazing.

Rachel Scott Tokyo is a favorite, with its contrast of modern and Old World tradition. Istanbul in the winter has a thin blanket of snow – I enjoyed trying to haggle in the Grand Bazaar and visiting both the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Tangiers, Morocco is a favorite – riding a camel, seeing a snake charmer and walking through the old Casbah.

Kelly Hartin Kiev, Ukraine. I went in my sophomore year of college. One of the coolest parts was visiting the Kiev Monastery of the Caves. It’s 1000 years old and the only light you are allowed is a burning candle placed between your fingers, with your palm catching the wax.

RJ Geen Kelowna, British Columbia. I’ve literally been all over the U.S. and Canada, but it is by far the most beautiful with its mountains, crystal blue water and valley forests.

Megan Sanders The ocean calls to me. And it seems to call to my kids now, too. Our favorite family destination is San Diego. It’s a doable drive without kiddos and once we have our toes in the sand we are always more happy.

Linda Lane I went to Philadelphia for the bicentennial(1976). Standing on the lawn of Independence Hall on July 4th, 1976 was almost spiritual.

Jasmine Doucette Montreal is great. It’s like going to France without actually having to go to France.  Maine is a gorgeous state, with the ocean and rocky cliffs. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is great. I love the farmland and the Amish way of life. I really could go on and on. I’ve driven cross-country several times, so I’ve seen most of the U.S.

Corinne Mai Henderson As a child, I lived in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, and Maryland. As a single adult, I traveled internationally (for pleasure) to Bahamas, Canary Islands, Tahiti/Huahine/Moorea/Bora Bora (twice, 7 years apart), Majorca and Madrid, Trinidad & Tobago, Cozumel/Chichen Itza, Hawaii (Maui and Kauai), Bonaire, Bali Indonesia, Belize/Guatemala/Tikal, Madeira, and Aruba/Venezuela. My favorite international trip was Tahiti/Bora Bora. I felt so comfortable from the moment I landed – scenery beyond comprehension, colors and hues never seen anywhere else, serene and simple lifestyle, a rejuvenating atmosphere, perfect weather, and the most polite and grateful people of any country I’ve visited. With my husband, I’ve traveled to Las Vegas, Connecticut, San Francisco/Bodega Bay, Houston, Half Moon Bay/Carmel, Virginia City/Reno/Truckee/Pyramid Lake/Tahoe, New Orleans, San Diego, Colorado Springs, Connecticut, Coronado, and Seattle. I have also enjoyed numerous road trips throughout Arizona, making new discoveries with each adventure in this beautiful, diverse state. These are my favorite trips with my husband. My suitcase is always packed!

Marilyn Frazier Clark When I got off the plane in Hawaii, the air seemed to enfold me. It felt so soft and warm. I have been there four times and wish I could go back.

Monica Sullivan Oahu, Hawaii. It was a family trip 13 years ago with my husband, daughter, mom and grandparents. It was the last vacation my grandmother took, before her Alzheimer’s took her. The dementia had started, but when we were in Hawaii it was like she was her old self. It was a magical vacation.

Bill Kvistad I traveled to Ireland this summer and saw where my mother was born (Belfast). Also saw the shipyard where the Titanic was built. My grandfather worked on that ship and took the first voyage from that shipyard to South Hampton as a worker. Both were very moving for me.

Desiree Bonner I move a lot.l I’ve lived all over California. I was born in Montana. I’ve moved to Nebraska and then to Maricopa, Arizona then back to California (Galt, California to be exact) and now I’m in Casa Grande.

a Rosique San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is beach and city life in one place. Cozumel, México is a quiet island with great scuba diving. Philadelphia has history, culture, suburbs, great diners, Villanova University and Penn State University.

Jennifer Lara Sydney, Australia. I lived there for a year. I loved it! Great weather year-round and beautiful beaches. Not to mention, it’s a gorgeous city! My dream is to go back someday and take my husband!

Theresa Zawodniak NYC – It’s beautiful and epic.

Laura DeTour New York City, New York. Seeing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, I tried to imagine it all through immigrants’ eyes as they arrived in the “New Land” and saw the statue for the first time.

Ashley Chacon Germany. The people I’ve met there were amazing. I got to see many castles, as well as the concentration camp. I canoed on the Rhine river. Just their culture, as a whole, was amazing.

Catherine Fisk Washington D.C. on the 4th of July.

Sherrie Klipping Hawaii, twice! My daughter and family lived there. My son-in-law was in the U.S. Army. My second trip in 2014 I was able to stay seven weeks and even went to the Hawaii State Fair during that time. I couldn’t ask for anything better — paradise all summer long with family and only grandchild. There were memories to last a lifetime and it was definitely a highlight of my life.

Marilee Messing Dubai, UAE. I went to see one of my sons who lives there. It was beautiful!

Kris Scheetz The best place I have been so far is maybe a tie between Massachusetts and upstate New York. Massachusetts is probably the best. It’s so beautiful…it has it all. There is a city called North Hampton, where rolling hills stop only to let bubbling creeks pass and quaint homes with double porches seem to be never ending. The architecture is inspiring…Main Street has two and three-story shops lined up, where people flock to the mom and pop businesses (some mainstream businesses too) At one end of the main street, it’s got a building that is made of handheld stones that were imported to form a castle-like building that resides on Gothic Ave. The other side has a beautiful college, and if all this wasn’t enough, there are bridges of all types everywhere… a truly amazing place.

Jenifer O’ Brien Wainscott Well that’s a hard one! The world is so beautiful and full of diversity. Different cultures make life rich. We’ve been all over the U.S. There are too many places that have greatness.

Rod Reasner Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. It’s first because of the snorkeling and jungles.

Brittany Rose Abbott Hawaii at age 17. It was with my dad and we stayed on the small island Kauai. It was a graduation gift. I have also been to Mexico where I broke my front tooth. I have been out to California a few times, and after graduation I traveled all over this side of the U.S. before I had my first kid.

Elisabeth Ann Corson Switzerland. We were on top of a mountain sitting there listening to the cowbells ringing in the valley. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

Stephanie Davis I was going to say Hawaii, but I would actually think as a family we would choose Apache Lake. Our teenagers love riding on the water or fishing on the side. It is not fancy or far away, but you come back feeling refreshed. It can be a great way to relax or have a blast. When you are there you can enjoy nature or go to the marina to the restaurant. It is not too far away, so it is more convenient than going to a beach at the ocean.

Debra Shaw Rhodes Key West, Florida at the point where the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico meet. It’s amazing and the sunsets are amazing.

Lisa Brown Ozarks and Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri. There are gorgeous mountains, great fishing/boating/swimming and it’s peaceful. Also, Chicago is where I grew up and it has a very rich history.

Linda Spelger Just went to Encanto Park today. We had A really lovely family time there. It is also the home of  Enchanted Island Amusement Park.

Jennifer Hammond Pacific Coastal Highway – I am currently going through chemo and love the beach. This was a great treat and a great encouragement to keep going. The views were beautiful and inspiring and the tour was so relaxing, with a good friend handling all the details.

Andrea Smith I loved Wales. It was so green and beautiful. I don’t go on jogs, but I woke up at 5 in the morning and jogged with my friend Tanya and we talked about life. It was so serene.

Michelle Courtenay I moved to Casa Grande from Louisiana and my favorite places outside of there have been Sedona and Portland, and outside the U.S. has been Northern Ireland.

Lisa Brown Hocking State Park in Ohio is gorgeous and has some fabulous hikes.

Ann Leclair Just got back from six weeks in Tel Aviv. It was awe inspiring!

Josh Scharf Silver Dollar City in Missouri.

Vanessa Dunham Cozumel, Mexico.

Anna Jimenez Sanchez I have been very blessed and have been all over the world — Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain,Africa and Chile. My favorite would be Spain. I lived on the most southern coast, on the Mediterranean Ocean. I like the people, beauty, food and beach . It definitely is where I want to return.

Michelle Courtenay I love Costa Rica!

Katherine Marie Martinez Guarda Chile. It is my favorite.

Donna Pope Blackshear Amsterdam.

Kellie Bedore Thailand. It has beautiful beaches, amazing history and culture, fabulous food, great shopping and lovely, gentle people.

Kathy Durant I have lived in several states — California, New Mexico, Washington, Oklahoma, of course Arizona, Nevada — and have visited Victoria Island, British Columbia; Missouri and Kansas, but I have to admit visiting Montana was far the best, with the great mountains and the scenery, it was one of the best vacations I have ever had.

Jennilyn Noack Sommers Iceland was my favorite. I loved swimming in the Blue Lagoon while it was snowing!

Dorothy L Little We moved here from Southern Illinois 10 years ago. We’ve been to lots of places here. The most spectacular was Monument Valley. It’s awesome to look across at all that God and the wind has etched out over many years. Words can’t do it justice.

Niki Head I like the cities of Hollywood, Anaheim, Victorville, Whittier, Riverside, Bend, Redmond and Susanville in California; Los Lunas, New Mexico; San Antonio, Texas and some city in Oklahoma which I can’t remember the name. That’s just where I’ve traveled in the past 12 years since I moved to AZ. What made it memorable? Escaping arizona and the family i was with.

Kerri Throop I have been all over the U.S. I was born in Japan and have lived on lots of military bases. I truly love Arizona because there is a beauty here that I haven’t seen anywhere else. The desert has wildlife that is so eclectic and I have never seen a better sunset. I hope to travel to Scotland and Italy when my kids are older. I can’t wait to see the old buildings and churches! There is so much history to see!

Lisa Beltrame VanScoik Jamaica. We took our girls and it was our last big family hurrah, as our youngest daughter was graduating and joining the U.S. Marine Corps. We had the best time, just hanging out with each other and laughing a lot. It truly was paradise.

Charlotte Colwell Alaska. It is my favorite.

Polly A Martin Puerto Rico! It’s majestic shorelines, rain forest and caverns are a must-see!

Kaye Johnson The Grand Canyon is breathtaking! Mexico Beach, Florida is secluded and charming. And Italy – love it there!

Jennifer Ward Pascual Niagara Falls is just one of many favorite places.

Danielle Jo Harding Germany and Austria. I got to see where parts of The Sound of Music was filmed in Austria, the concentration camps and the Berlin wall. It was a great four weeks we spent there.

Stacy Marie Shattuck My favorite places are Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; three miles off the north Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and in a shark cage; the top of Diamond Crater in Hawaii; snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Hawaii; Fenway Park in Boston; Grand Canyon; Salem, Massachusetts and more!

Christine Jackson New York is my favorite. I have wanted to go since I was a kid. Ground Zero is a must-see.

Deann Lease Villarreal I get to go to Houston and California each year. Both places are beautiful and fun because that is where the grandkids are.

Gloria Martinez Walt Disney World.

Ashley Daugherty Roatan, Honduras. It is my favorite place, so far.

Sandie Beveridge Shepard We traveled the U.S. in our motorhome for 10 years. Where we are from, Michigan, is a beautiful state — all seasons. I also have to include Alaska, Hawaii and Jamaica.

Cheri Hodson Denali National Park is gorgeous! But then again, so is Nassau, Bahamas; Isla Roatan, Honduras and Cancun, Mexico.

Daniel Eric Miller My wife and I spent a week in Belgium last summer with a day trip to Amsterdam.

Amanda McKay The military has taken me all over — Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and personal travel to Italy, Switzerland, Monacco, France, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Budapest.

Katherine Marie Martinez Guarda The sound of the roaring cascades of  Niagara Falls and feeling the cool mist soak you, or the endless shades of green that roll through eternal New Hampshire mountains. The way the wheat fields meet the yellow and red leaves of the Pennsylvania forest, or how a typical day in Florida includes sunny skies, a mini hurricane and then more sunny skies. The way maple syrup really does taste better when you’re in Vermont surrounded by those sweet crimson maple trees, or how everything is just extremely laid back during an Ontario summer. The way everything just feels more fun in California and how nothing compares to our beautiful Sedona mountains or our glorious Canyon. The sweet herb scent in the air of Chile, the ocean breeze meeting the wildflower fields that grow throughout the steep rolling hills of Valparaiso. Or the mountains that hug the bustling city of Santiago, or how the sweet country hospitality of the South just warms you. There are many more favorites, but I don’t know why I wrote all this in the first place. And numero uno,  top of the list all day every day is New York City. The whole dang state, really, because it rocks and is beautiful and breathtaking and fun and wild. But New York City is a whole other world and every single bit of it is amazing and exciting and raw. It has some of the best food you will ever taste and some of the most interesting mixes of people. Queens has the most spoken languages in the world. It is the definition of a melting pot, and the way that you can have a big huge city and still have woods and lakes just thrown in the mix is amazing. Also it is set against a backdrop of these amazing and breathtakingly detailed pre-war buildings towering all over the place with adorable colonial houses thrown in the mix.

Cody Thomas Blackbird As a full time touring musician who is a Pinal County resident, I am blessed to travel all over the world. My favorite place to go is Japan.

Lee Mann I was born in Michigan. I’ve traveled all over the state of Arizona.

Frances Ramirez I’ve been to the southern Caribbean islands. It was a cruise that ported out of Puerto Rico. It was beautiful!

Liz Stryken  I like Cleveland, Ohio; Georgia; New York; Niagara Falls in Canada;  Florida;  Amarillo, Texas; New Mexico; Missouri; San Francisco, California; San Jose, California; Croatia; Kentucky and Chicago.

Stephanie Kennedy South Point, Hawaii (big island) The emerald beach there is amazing! We also did Waipaio Valley on horseback, which I swear is a little piece of heaven on Earth. The pictures are gorgeous, but the memories are better! I’ve been lots of places; that’s just my favorite.

David Rojas Australia. It was awesome – the people and the sights. It’s just a great place overall.

Claudette Rael I loved New England – all that history!

Ken Mccue I’m torn between Svalbard, Norway and Siedies Fiord, Iceland, which is remote and isolated, but filled with incredible beauty. The people are so welcoming.

Judith Ann Bell I started my life in New York state, went to Florida, came to Arizona, left Arizona, traveled the country for two years, came back to Arizona and have been here over 20 years now. The most beautiful place I have been is right here. We have everything here and the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets anywhere.

Meisha Medrano Doing the incline in Manitou Springs, Colorado was definitely my fave!

Eleny Christen The Philippines are my favorite. It’s a beautiful place with great people, food, and culture! I’ve traveled all over the U.S. and all of Mexico as well! They are also very beautiful but the pinoy culture has stolen my heart!

Sarah Barnhouse Camano island, Washington. My son, husband and I go every year for the Fourth of July to visit my dad who lives in the Northwest. Camano is an awesome place! I love watching my son discover new things and test his boundaries. There is no internet or cable in the house we stay in and it’s nice to disconnect from the world for a week. Sure, it rains, but watching a five-year-old play in the rain is the best.

Amber Horton Ugh, that’s a tough choice to make. Even though I’ve only traveled to Laughlin and Las Vegas, Nevada and Maryland with my family. In all honesty, I think Maryland tops the cake because my grandmothers live there, along with everyone on my mother’s side. Laughlin and Las Vegas are tied for second.

Darlene Moberly The Linderhof Castle in southwestern Bavaria is one of the most ornate and gorgeous castles I’ve ever visited.

Darlene Moberly Who doesn’t love Cabo San Lucas? It’s one of my favorite destinations.

Sharon Holmes I love Cabo San Lucas!

Elizabeth Degge China, specifically Hong Kong is my favorite.

Deborah Doerfert Belize. It is beautiful and the people are so friendly. It’s great for snorkeling, scuba diving, shopping, dining and relaxing on their many beaches.

Angela Tapia Florence, Italy and Austria are my favorites. The culture, history and overall lifestyle is just so relaxed and peaceful. The scenery is amazing! I went whitewater rafting in Austria and it was an experience I’ll never forget.

Joyce Fuller Kleikamp Monument Valley on the Navajo reservation.

Sue DeLay St. Maarten/Sint Martin is my favorite. The people are so friendly on this island. We’ve been going there at least once a year (or once every two years) for the last 15 years. There is something to do whether young to old. It is the only island that is owned by two countries: Dutch and French (that I am aware of).

Heather N Roberto Amsterdam.

Rose Green Venice, Italy is my favorite. I visited while I was in high school and loved every bit of it. I also had the chance to travel to more than one country and I must say it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and something I will always get to remember doing.

Kay F. Brown Glacier Park, Montana. It’s breathtaking and full of nature and wildlife.

Samantha Saldate I love Rocky Point and it’s a three-hour drive from me. The beaches aren’t overcrowded. You can stay days in a beautiful waterfront suite, relaxing with a margarita in hand and toes in the sand for the same or less than one night stay in San Diego. You can go dancing any night of the week or take a little ocean cruise for a couple hours, and you can’t forget the banana boats! Now those are fun! Go with some friends or family and have a great adventure or nice relaxing get away.

Daniella Aveda London. It’s so clean and there is so much to see. You can literally lie down on the grass in their parks. All the flowers in the Queen’s Gardens are so perfectly placed, and people just love her!

Rosalyn Ayres I’ve always wanted to go visit London. It looks like a great place to visit and has so much history.

Darlene Moberly Another one of my favorites is Crater Lake in Oregon. It has the bluest water and is such a tranquil place to visit. I love it there.

Rosalyn Ayres Roosevelt Lake is my favorite place to visit because I love to camp and fish. Another favorite is Tombstone, Arizona because there is so much history. Also, the Colorado Belle (Laughlin, Nevada) it was the only hotel I’ve stayed at that looks like a boat.

Sonja Simms Italy is the best place! I like the art, the food, the people, the scenery and the churches! Venice, Orvieto, Florence, Rome, Sorento, Pompeii and Capri are all fab! The Euro rail through the Alps from Geneva, Switzerland to Venice, Italy was a great trip!

Debbie Yost New Zealand. South Island offers everything from beaches to rainforests to Alps- like mountains with glaciers.

Velma Rollins Linley My favorite is the Rhine River Cruise from Amsterdam to Zurich, Switzerland, with stops in Germany and France. The history in these European countries is fascinating and everything is so green and lush with beautiful hanging baskets of flowers from light posts and homes. It’s so different than the desert. Here in the U.S., I would have to say Washington, D.C. because there is so much to see and do in and around the area and a lot of it is free. Oh, and I like Charleston, South Carolina. Well, I guess I love going anywhere!

Fred Fimbres Charleston, South Carolina. With the food, the people and their Southern Hospitality, you can’t go wrong with Charleston.

Elizabeth Fish The Butterfly Sanctuary in Scottsdale, Arizona is my favorite place. It just shows you how Amazing God is.

Hunter Adair I always loved the drive on State Route 89A (I think that’s the road) that goes from Northern Arizona into Utah. It heads towards St. George. It’s a beautiful drive. I’ve never seen as many deer as I used to see on that drive! There are lots of curves and lots of jaw-dropping scenery!

Brad Phillips The north shore of lake Superior is my favorite. Grand Marais, Minnesota is my little piece of heaven

Stephany Branson I’ve lived in Spain and in Sicily.

John Thomas I’ve been to Hawaii and it was wonderful, but the best vacation ever was Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Tyler Raimund The U.S. Navy has taken me to many places, but I loved Guam the most. There is so much to do on such a little island. Obviously, the beaches were beautiful, but I enjoyed hiking through the forest and finding a secluded waterfall to go cliff diving. Driving in race cars was also an option. They have a track open to the public.

Lola De Smith My favorite place is our second home on Lake Jefferson in Cleveland, Minnesota. My favorite places to visit are Boston, New Orleans and St. Martins.

Judith Froelich Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The dogwoods fill the air with sweet beauty. They aren’t so bad to look at either. The economy was a walk back in time and I have never seen or had the pleasure of meeting or being in the presence of such kind, caring and genuinely diverse people.

Stanley Shultz Stanford On my 30th birthday I was in Orlando Florida working on airplanes . We took that day off and went to Kennedy Space Center, since it was close . Being a total apace freak I never imagined ever having that opportunity . What an awesome experience to see all of that, including an animatronic reenactment of the Apollo 11 lift off. Then in IMAX, a film of a shuttle mission from the inside of the shuttle. Amazing!