The Florence Hospital in Anthem, as well as the Gilbert Hospital, shut down earlier this summer.

According to Jeremiah Foster, the court-appointed receiver from Resolute Commercial Services LLC, in a statement posted to the Florence Hospital website, “We regret to inform the public and other concerned parties that Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem are both closed as of June 18, after a wind down process that began on June 15. This decision was a difficult one to make in terms of community services, but both hospitals and their parent company (New Vision Health, LLC) experienced prolonged financial hardship prior to the receivership that made continued operations unsustainable. We’re working with all relevant governmental and community entities to ensure the hospitals are safely shuttered and that access to medical records is maintained.”

Both properties were owned by New Vision Health. The company attempted to remedy its financial issues, but financing was unable to be secured.

Florence Hospital opened March 8, 2012, and was licensed as a general-acute care hospital and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The year after its opening, the hospital found itself in financial difficulty and filed for bankruptcy.