Maricopa Mud Run 2017 registration open

Registration for the Maricopa Mud Run 2017 and the Mini-Copa Mud Run 2017 is now open. The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 28.

This year includes an exciting new costume contest theme, Mayor’s Challenge, Mini-Copa Mud Run and amazing obstacles organizers have been planning all year! There will also be great local food vendors and some energizing music to help you finish the course.

The costume contest theme is a super hero theme! Over the last four years of the event, organizers have seen amazing and inspiring acts of heroism as participants helped family, friends and even total strangers get through the course. With this in mind, the logo for the event was rebranded and the super hero theme was created. Anyone who finishes the course in a super hero costume, this year, will receive a bag of treats and super hero cape.

The Mayor’s Challenge is now an awesome team challenge! This year, organizers decided they wanted to see more teamwork and community in this event, so they made the Mayor’s Challenge a two-person team challenge. You and another friend or family member will have to beat Mayor Christian Price and his highly motivated partner through this well-improved course. Beat the Mayor’s Team time and win a limited edition coin!

The Mini-Copa Mud Run 2017 promises to be exciting this year. After extensive testing, with kids running the full course last year, organizers have decided to make the Mini-Copa Mud Run the entire full course. Parents or older siblings will have to help their young-mudders navigate the course and lead by example. Parents are encouraged to start training for this now, because kids do amazing on this course with the proper encouragement!

This year, all paid contestants will get an awesome headband and a finisher T-shirt. The earlier you sign-up the more cash you save! To register, visit