Over the past 10 years, Casa Grande has been consistently adding hundreds of homes each year due to the increasing population and growing job market. With the arrival of major economic entities such as PhoenixMart, Lucid Motors, Frito-Lay and Dreamport Villages, the need for housing in Casa Grande has never been greater. It’s also one of the reasons why Casa Grande Planning & Development Director Paul Tice believes the next few years will see the biggest increase in new home construction in Casa Grande’s history.

“In this past year, we have seen two new home developers arrive in Casa Grande to keep up with the rising demand for new homes in the city”

-Paul Tice

Since 2010, Casa Grande has added an average of 200 homes per year. But, starting in 2018, the city projects annual home construction to rise to over 400 homes per year! With so many major corporations arriving to the Casa Grande area, the influx of new jobs and the increased demand for housing can only bring good news to the city. Residents can expect property values to increase, new tax dollars to result in additional city services and a growing customer base for existing businesses in Casa Grande.

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