General Plan Update Uses Local Input to Set Course of Future Growth

by Renée Louzon-Benn, President, Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is all about community. We work with our business members to help their businesses thrive and to build a healthy local economy. We emphasize shopping local and using local business services and products. Every dollar we spend in Casa Grande helps the City to continue developing a robust community with well-funded public safety services and well-maintained streets and roads. Our emphasis on having a strong, educated and trained workforce will attract larger businesses and industry.

 Casa Grande is our community of choice and even though we hear about a sudden economic boom with new industries and corporations, the truth is that Casa Grande has experienced strong and steady growth, especially since 2000 – a 100% increase in population.

The key is to have balanced and sustainable growth and careful planning each step of the way. The City and other local business and community leaders and citizens are strategically planning for the future and methodical growth that will lead to prosperity for Casa Grande as a whole.

 City leadership is currently working on the updated Casa Grande General Plan 2030. They are seeking input from all Casa Grande residents on shaping the future. A notice for the City’s General Plan Update public meeting held in January stated, “Our General Plan is our community’s long-term blueprint for our future and how we want to manage it. State law requires every 10 years, we update our plan and ask our community to ratify it at a Citywide election.” This is an opportunity for local residents to give feedback in planning for the future of the city. More public meetings will be scheduled. For more information, visit

 A healthy community is one in which all of the elements (business, education, government, citizens, services, industry, recreation, tourism, arts and humanities) work together with the same motivation and the same idea for a balanced and sustainable present and future. We encourage all of our businesses and residents to think about the direction we would like to see Casa Grande go over the next 10 years that would provide a strong and economically stable city we are proud to call home.