Helping Kids Overcome Trauma

by Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona

During the month of May at Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona we implemented our Theta Wellness Study, sponsoring 11 children ages 6 to 17 years old. These children needed a great program and a little encouragement to help them overcome a few unfortunate roadblocks that had become a part of their young, impressionable lives. With the commitment of their loving, concerned foster and adoptive parents, we began a 28-day Theta Chamber program.

These 11 brave and spunky kiddos arrived at our wellness center every day with their parents to participate in our customized PTSD program, which incorporated individual protocols based on age and immediate needs. Our non-invasive, kid-friendly protocols are designed to include multiple therapy equipment. The program included the Theta Chamber with RTMS & CES brain stimulation therapy, hyperbaric chamber-cube with acoustic light wave, LED light and frequency bed, and hydrogen therapy. These therapies were combined with a shared commitment, positive reinforcement, and lots of love from our owner Katie Metzger and her dedicated team of professionals.

At the end of the 28-day challenge, we are pleased to announce great success. The results are expressed continuously through testimonies from the parents and the kids involved. Majority of who took part in the Theta Wellness Study experienced changes for the better regarding feelings of despair, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, addiction and more. Most of those involved graduated from our program with positive dynamic results, and Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona continues with open arms and doors for everyone in need of wellness.

We invite you to stop by, visit and experience our info-wellness tour.

Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona is here to support and not take the place of your primary care facility. Always check with your medical provider before beginning a new program. Contact TWCA at 520-214-8430.