The History of Seeds of Hope: A Timeline

1987-1990 Having a passion for ministering to the poor, Pastor Rick Lemberg is hired by First Presbyterian Church. The Seeds of Hope steering committee starts within First Presbyterian Session.

1992-1993 David Brubaker is hired as first Seeds of Hope Executive Director. First Board of Directors is established, and Seeds of Hope is incorporated. Community needs assessment is completed. Three programs are started: benevolence coordination, hot lunch (at First Baptist Church) and supervised community service for juvenile offenders, called Youth Engaged in Service (YES).

1994 Cabana neighborhood “projects” are identified as highly dangerous and troubled. Brubaker family moves into this neighborhood. Daily youth clubs are started in the Brubaker home. Cabana Coalition is started to clean up the neighborhood. Four drug dealers are evicted within six months.

1995-96 Former “crack house” in Cabana is established as a community center.

1997 Peer leadership program begins; community garden is started; Tres Casitas transitional apartments are opened.

2000-2004 Hot lunch is moved to Calvary Baptist Church (on Second Street). Cabana neighborhood starts a home-ownership program. Community center is moved to Casa Grande’s west side neighborhood (on Melrose).

2005 Mark Vanderheyden is hired as Executive Director.

2007 Grandparents raising Grandchildren program begins.

2009 Stanfield free clinic begins at First Baptist Church, Stanfield. 2012 Mondo Anaya Community Center is opened. 2014 Jobs for Life begins. 2017 Los Angeles de Esperanza senior adult program is started.