In addition to the number of building permits issued, there are approximately 6,000 vacant platted lots for housing development in Casa Grande, with nearly 3,000 lots that already have all the necessary infrastructure (water, drainage, facilities, streets, sidewalks, streetlights, etc.) in place and are ready for building permit issuance.

Commercial Lots

When business owners want to open shop in a new place, two of the absolute most important factors are the location of the business and the transportation access those locations have. In Casa Grande, business owners don’t have to worry about those at all! Casa Grande has an estimated 1,865 available acres in commercially zoned property all over the city, and businesses have access to transportation options that aren’t even available in the Phoenix metropolitan area. In Casa Grande, commercial businesses have very close access to the I-10 and I-8 freeways, making transporting goods to Phoenix, Mexico and California quicker and cheaper.

Businesses also have “through-the-gate” access at the airport for their industrial needs. This means that businesses will be able to get on and off the runway at the airport much quicker than regular commercial airports, as well get things on or off the ground faster to reach their destinations.

With the arrival of thousands of jobs, an increased population and so many transportation options available, there has never been a better time to open a business in Casa Grande!

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