Just Under 200 Multi Housing Units Approved by Maricopa Council

Zoning for a nearly 200-unit, single-story apartment complex at the southeast corner of Bowlin and Porter roads was approved by the Maricopa City Council on Aug. 18, possibly bringing up to 350 more residents to the area.

The 25-acre development proposed by El Dorado Holdings, which was the first major developer in Maricopa’s initial housing boom 20 years ago, also includes a 4.6-acre area of neighborhood commercial zoning at the intersection of the two roads.

Brad Hinton, director of El Dorado Holdings, told the council the development “has been a long time coming, and we have a lot of exciting things in the making here.”
Known as The REV @ Porter, the project is expected to have just under 200 bungalow-style apartments, built as standalone or duplex structures. The city estimates it will attract up to 350 residents at full buildout.

“We consider this more of a luxury apartment complex. Every unit has a backyard, dog friendly, lots of open space, and it’s more of an upgrade, luxury apartment living for this type of product,” he said.

The majority of the units will have one or two bedrooms, but a few will have three-bedroom floor plans, he said.

The previous zoning for the area was for light industrial uses and was changed by the council vote to multiple-unit residential and neighborhood commercial. The types of businesses that could be built on the corner include small grocery or drug stores, restaurants and cafes, dry cleaners, convenience stores and small professional or medical offices.

The REV site, which is the northern part of a 60-acre parcel owned by El Dorado, is across Porter Road from Banner Health Center and across Bowlin Road from the Glennwilde development.
A traffic study has been prepared for the project but is still under review at the city, before it goes to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the council. Mayor Christian Price asked what would happen if the analysis ultimately showed the development would create too much traffic.

City Attorney Denis Fitzgibbons answered, “The zoning is just how many units can be built there. If it couldn’t handle as many units as they wanted because of the traffic study, that‘s something they could work through on the site plan and things like that. All you’re doing tonight is giving the proper zoning for the project so they can go forth.”

City officials said the rental project will be market-rate, rather than subsidized by some form of government funding. City Manager Ricky Horst added, though, that the zoning case only sets the basic parameters for what can be built on the lot and cannot require the residences be rented at market rates.

“I want our public to understand these are intended to be broad discussions, conceptual discussions, but these are intended to be market-rate units,” he said.
The REV is one of several apartment complexes being developed or proposed in the City of Maricopa.