Let’s Go, Amigo!

Spring has sprung and summer is on the way!

by Gigi McWhirter

Now is the time when we start planning our getaways. Taking your dog or cat with you and the family can be a lot of fun if you make the proper arrangements.
If you are going to fly on a commercial airline, it is essential that you contact them to confirm that they allow animals on the plane.

Questions to ask:

  • Can my pet fly with me in the cabin?
  • Do I have to have a reservation for my pet?
  • If my pet must fly in cargo, what is the temperature in that section of the airplane?
  • How long will my pet wait in the holding area before being boarded on the plane?
  • How long will my pet sit on the tarmac?
  • Does your pet require a health certificate to board the airplane?
  • What vaccinations are required?
  • What kind of carrier/kennel is permitted?
  • Can I give my animal anything for travel anxiety?
  • Can I bring more than one animal with me? If so, can they share a kennel?
  • What is the weight limit?
  • What are the fees?

Once your travel arrangements are made, get your pet comfortable with the kennel. Take him on short rides so he can become familiar with the sensations involved with a moving vehicle. If you think your pet may need anti-anxiety medications, make an appointment with your veterinarian and discuss which prescription would work best — the vet may actually suggest trying an over-the-counter supplement like Naturally Calm. Before your trip, it is recommended you try out the medications to make sure they work on your pet.

Some airlines do not permit the use of sedatives during travel. Be sure to have the discussion with the airline before you arrive at the airport.