by David Lozano, Earned Media Senior Manager, Banner Health

The 2017-2018 flu season was a tough one for many of us. Trying to stay healthy while avoiding major illness can be difficult, especially since many people today live a very active and busy life. Many of us work hard to manage our time, money and even our households. What we tend to forget is the importance of managing our overall health.

How about that New Year’s resolution to lose weight or see a doctor? Many of us make those resolutions to improve our health. Some of us keep those resolutions and take steps to improve our health, while others decide that next year would be a better time to actually do it.

What do you do? Managing your health is more than just taking a walk and drinking lots of water. While those steps are definitely good for you, seeing your doctor regularly will also help in the long run to better manage your health. If you don’t have one already, choosing the right primary care doctor is a great way to begin living a healthy lifestyle and taking control of your health. This is especially important for those who have some type of pre-existing medical condition or have suffered from a major medical issue in the past.

Once you’ve chosen the right primary care doctor, the next step is making an appointment to see him or her. Once you go to the appointment, it’s important that you take the time to communicate and let your doctor know your complete medical history. Just like a mechanic should know the mechanical history of your car to fix any problems and avoid breaking down, your doctor should also know the complete medical history of your body.

“As health care providers, our goal is to educate people and help empower them when it comes to managing their health,” said Rona Curphy, CEO of Banner Casa Grande Medical Center. “For example, if a patient comes in for something related to diabetes, we want to teach him or her that there are ways to manage this disease once they leave the hospital.”

As mentioned in the last edition of Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine, Banner Casa Grande was recently recognized by the Leapfrog Group for quality and safety. That means patients receive exceptional care, and we use the latest technology and best practices to guide our health care experts, so they can save lives and help people manage their health.

Some of the criteria measured by the Leapfrog Group that help people manage their health include doctor and nurse communication and good communication from a doctor or nurse about medications a patient may be taking.

Curphy said, “When you think about it, the focus of health care has changed. Several years ago, we were more focused on treating the patient and their specific diseases, and then sending them home to recover. Today, we’ve become more focused on preventative care and finding ways to keep them out of the hospital, or at least preventing readmission for the same illness, so we can help them better manage their health care needs.”

When one receives inpatient or outpatient care at Banner Casa Grande, the treatment likely won’t be the same as what he or she would have received five or 10 years ago. Our facility is using new and improved advances in technology, along with enhanced best practices. This allows our caregivers to not only treat the illness, but also helps patients learn self-management so they can charge of their own health.

“You’ve probably seen some of things that have changed here at the hospital. New technologies have been implemented at Banner Casa Grande, like a new and improved surgical robot – the daVinci Xi, and our Low-Dose Genius 3D Mammography for better breast health,” Curphy said. “We have a pharmacy that is open to both patients and the public if they need their medications or have questions about medications they are currently taking. These new technologies, and new services, coupled with physicians and nurses who have also improved the way they treat and communicate with their patients, have really helped us live up to our mission of making health care easier, so life can be better.”

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