Mankel Mechanical offers service branch thanks to help from family

by Paula Leslie, Co-Owner, Mankel Mechanical

I agreed to write an article for this issue before I knew what kind of week I was going to experience. It’s definitely been a week of Mondays. Being self-employed in the construction industry has its own unique set of problems, and the plumbing industry seems to be the Cinderella of the construction trades. We get called for the clogged drains, water heaters that don’t stay lit, toilets that constantly run, faucets that leak and water lines that burst. I’m not complaining.

However, most of my 18 years owning a plumbing company have been spent doing new construction projects. Eighty percent of my revenue was from laying new pipe, not repairing old. Eddie never had the desire to pursue the service part of the plumbing industry, and finding the right person to represent our company in people’s homes and businesses was a challenge, but we knew there was money to be made in the repair business. So Eddie and I pitched the idea of a service branch of Mankel Mechanical to our sons. They liked the idea of (sort of) being their own bosses (Mom still holds the purse strings), and came up with a name and developed a business plan.

This year, our sons, Shea and Vaughn, launched their own service offshoot of Mankel Mechanical – Two Brothers Plumbing. While Shea is still mostly working in the new construction field, he does find himself doing plumbing repair. Most of the time you will be greeted by Vaughn at your door if you call the Two Brothers phone number. The boys had the van painted silver with the Two Brothers logo, which they designed themselves; they had uniforms embroidered and business cards printed. Two Brothers will unclog drain lines, use a jetter to clean sewer mains, camera a sewer main, repair or replace leaking plumbing fixtures and water lines, repair or replace water heaters, and repipe houses. They can also help you remodel your bathroom or kitchen. Their expertise is not limited to residential projects. They both have done new plumbing and plumbing repair in restaurants, schools and other types of businesses. Shea and Vaughn have a combined 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry and two of the best smiles in the state of Arizona. Give them a call next time you need some home or business improvement in regards to your plumbing fixtures.

We haven’t pulled out a glass slipper from a drain line yet, but there is always tomorrow…