Many Options for Health, Wellness in Superior

by Mila Besich, Mayor, Town of Superior

Recently I was running a few errands, one of which involved a visit to the office of one of our local licensed massage therapists.

This quick visit turned into an educational session, and I learned that her particular focus is pathological massage therapy. This type of massage therapy is ideal for those battling a variety of health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

For many, we think of massage, reflexology, and aesthetic treatments as luxuries and not necessarily as essential to our overall wellness or treatment for ongoing ailments.

I decided to have a 15-minute chair massage, as I had a few minutes to spare between my errands. More importantly, I wanted to support this local business. As it turned out, those 15 minutes helped me realize how much tension and stress I was holding in my neck and lower back. I felt so much better, and this quick moment of relaxation and focused massage therapy genuinely made the difference in my week.

What if we all took 15 minutes once a day for something that focuses on our personal wellness? What a difference that would make for everyone!

Obviously, we cannot always have a chair massage or another type of personal wellness treatment, but maybe 15 minutes of reading a book, journaling, taking a walk, singing, dancing, stretching or practicing yoga poses, can elevate our mindfulness and make a difference in our productivity.

After this visit, I learned we have several massage therapists practicing in Superior that offer everything from reiki and reflexology to traditional massage therapies, as well as aesthetic services such as facials and other skincare treatments.

In addition to the wellness services of our licensed massage therapists, Superior’s magnificent natural beauty, clean fresh air, and surrounding mountains with beautiful trails offer the vistas and trails that many seek for wellness.

Just as important is the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Arizona’s oldest and largest botanical garden, which is a veritable treasure trove for connecting with nature through walks and educational tours. These 15-minute (or longer) respites in Superior will make your week, too.

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