Maricopa, Arizona: Cultivating a Strong Art Scene

by Adam Wolfe, Public Information Officer, Department of Administrative Services

As cities grow, residents seek out areas to gather and be social. These can include shopping centers, restaurants and parks. But one thing all of these areas have in common is some sort of art display.

From local art exhibits to displays at City Hall, we work to cultivate a strong art scene across the city.

“As a young city, we don’t have a lot of traditional festivals or events to display local art, so we use City facilities to help showcase our artists,” City of Maricopa Mayor Christian Price says. “This helps us build excitement not just in the art community, but across the City.”

The City of Maricopa also helps cultivate the local art scene by working with the City’s resident-managed ARTS Council. This Council has recently introduced film festivals, poetry slams and art exhibits for the public to enjoy.

The annual COPA Shorts Film Festival brings hundreds of people to the City of Maricopa to enjoy short films from a wide range of creators, including local high school students and international submissions.

Maricopa City Hall also served as host to the 2019 All-Arizona Poetry Slam Championship.

“We have a diverse community with a wide array of interests,” Mayor Price says. “Our arts scene reflects this! From film to painting to needlepoint, we proudly showcase the varied arts of our community.”

Maricopa’s local artists and performers were on display during the City’s Great American 4th Celebration at Copper Sky Regional Park.