Maricopa’s Bright Future Comes With Success Of Our Students; We Make The Grade

by Christian Price, Mayor, City of Maricopa

In Maricopa, we are fortunate to be in the middle of an economic and developmental boom. With this comes new businesses, more homes and continuously increasing educational opportunities.

In March of this year, our City welcomed another “A” rated charter school to the community to serve our high school students. This adds to the three “A” rated schools currently in Maricopa and the ever growing Maricopa Unified School District.

According to Superintendent Dr. Tracy Lopeman, “Maricopa Unified School District (MUSD) serves more than 7,200 students and families in preschool through 12th grade, and we are growing! We pride ourselves on being partners in a community destined for greatness.”

This partnership is showcased by cooperation between the Maricopa City Council and the MUSD School Board. We are proud of our local youth achievements and will continue to support our schools in every avenue we can.

“Successful schools do not do it alone,” Dr. Lopeman said. “Our commitments to student success, collaborative culture, accountability and community pride serve as guideposts to becoming a premier district that meets and exceeds the individual needs of students and broad expectations of our community. Without exception, our classrooms are filled with educators who care deeply about the well-being and development of every child and who work skillfully to prepare them for their futures.”

We are also fortunate to host a campus of the Central Arizona College system in our community. Though this campus currently serves several thousand students, it has plenty of space to grow and expand to fit the needs of the community.

At every level of education, our local students are attending and winning national competitions in areas ranging from robotics to future city development. Maricopa’s future is bright, and it starts with the success of our local student population.

“Our schools are steeped in tradition and motivated by innovation,” Dr. Lopeman said. “As the district grows, it is clear that MUSD captures the connected values of a small town with the dynamic academic, social and extracurricular experiences of a destination city.”

As a City we are proud of our storied education past and look forward to our innovative future!

Maricopa Mayor Christian Price