Maricopa Arts Committee seeks members to promote art in community

The City of Maricopa has established the Maricopa Arts Committee. The mission of the Committee is to work to ensure that art impacts the life of Maricopa residents on a frequent basis, and to promote an environment that fosters freedom of expression, creativity and cultural inclusion through art.

“Art is key for the quality of life for our city, residents, businesses and future development,” said Vice Mayor Peggy Chapados, the chair of the Arts Task Force that recommended the creation of a standing committee. “Maricopa is a city rich in all forms of art and art practitioners. Our arts committee members will work to identify ways that increase awareness and promote appreciation of all art forms as a vital component of our proud history and prosperous future.”

The new committee will:

1. Create a strategic plan that provides guidance to the Mayor and Council for the type of art programs that are viable and sustainable for Maricopa.

2. Provide a forum for community members to directly express their views and express ideas about the arts in Maricopa to local government.

3. Provide an annual report to the Mayor and Council that highlights art initiatives in Maricopa and identifies gaps to be addressed.

The Committee will be made up of seven members appointed by the Mayor and Council. To apply go to and select Arts Committee and click “apply.” Committee members must be a current City of Maricopa resident in good standing, property owner or business owner for a minimum of one year. Members must be at least 18 years of age and registered to vote in Pinal County. Members must complete the City of Maricopa Citizens Academy within two years of appointment.