Maricopa Attracting New Investment in Education

by Christian Price, Mayor, City of Maricopa

Maricopa is consistently best-in-show, routinely ranked among the safest cities, the most diverse cities, and the fastest-growing cities in Arizona. Maricopa also excels when it comes to education with three A-rated schools, a Central Arizona College campus, and a University of Arizona agricultural center. Maricopa students regularly win statewide competitions, shining as bright as Maricopa itself.

A solid educational system is one of the foundational elements of a successful community. Our top-rated schools, which continue to improve, are just one ingredient to the Maricopa recipe that has caused more than 50,000 people to choose Maricopa as their home and rank Maricopa as a top city in which to raise a family. Educational attainment is also positively corelated with earnings, leading to another one of Maricopa’s high marks — one of the richest cities in Arizona.

An array of superb educational facilities can lead to large-scale investment in Maricopa. An educated workforce may encourage large industry to locate in or near Maricopa and can further an investor’s goal of quality of life for their workforce. On the flip side of the coin, retailers with target markets of students and families may make much-needed goods and services accessible in Maricopa. Either way you look at it, a strong education system is beneficial for Maricopa’s bottom line.

Even while we lead the pack in education, we are always striving to improve our educational offerings, to increase capacity for Maricopa students, and to provide the best school system possible. The City is working with developers to bring new schools and new expansions to Maricopa families with three major projects slated to be completed this summer.

A+ Charter School
Using project-based learning, A+ Charter School is under construction and enrolling for the 2020–21 school year. The City worked closely with the development team to ensure this project could finish construction for the new school year. Boasting more than 25,000 square feet on over 7 acres, the new school will provide a new option for Maricopa’s growing student population.

Heritage Academy
One of Arizona’s oldest charter schools, Heritage Academy is adding a second story to its existing building. Heritage Academy’s addition will offer nearly 30,000 square feet of additional capacity, which means more space for students and more jobs for Maricopa. The expansion is expected to be completed in July.

Sequoia Pathway Academy
Sequoia Pathway Academy opened in Maricopa in 2009. Now with more than triple the initial student population, the school is replacing its modular classrooms with permanent structures. With nearly 15,000 square feet of classroom planned, the new freestanding building will be a great addition to the Sequoia campus.

While Maricopa continues to grow, we plan on encouraging the local educational system to grow alongside of us and know that Maricopa’s brightest moments are on the horizon.