Maricopa says: Come Build a City with Us!

by City of Maricopa Economic & Community Development

Incorporated in 2003, the City of Maricopa has become one of the state’s fastest-growing communities, witnessing unparalleled growth in a short 17 years. One of the most diverse cities in Arizona, Maricopa attracts a high-income, highly educated demographic with a median age of 33. The senior community is highly visible as well, attracted by numerous recreational activities and one of the top 10 active adult master-planned communities in the nation (

Residents move to the city because of its phenomenal quality of life, low crime rate and advantageous proximity to Phoenix and Tucson.

“The growth here has been unprecedented,” says Nathan Steele, director of economic and community development. “In 2000, the community had about 1,600 people; in 2010, the total population was 43,000; today it’s just under 57,000 and we’re anticipating the data results from the census will show it to be even higher.”

To keep up with the fast-paced rise in population, Maricopa processed 993 permits in 2018 and 987 in 2019 for single-family homes. Despite a pandemic, this year the city still managed to process 829 single-family home permits as of September – 173 of which were in August. Maricopa is also introducing its first apartment complexes with several high-density housing projects in the works including an apartment complex of 120 units, a 196-townhome development and a condo development adding an additional 200 new units.

Exciting commercial projects include Maricopa Station, Estrella Gin Business Park and Copper Sky Commercial, a mixed-use development.

Maricopa Station is located near the city’s center core by the AMTRAK station in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Maricopa. Steele explains the concept is to create a “let’s go to” destination with, “an eclectic neighborhood feel and a myriad of uses and architectural looks that contribute to the charm.” This mixed-use development will include future civic and commercial buildings in the mix of existing residential structures with an agrarian/agricultural southwest design that lends to its character and identity.

Estrella Gin Business Park is currently in progress, sitting on 42 acres with a full buildout of over 300,000 square feet of office, light industrial, warehousing and flex space. Expected to be a huge boon for the city, the project has a potential annual economic impact of $94 million with upward of 700 jobs. Once built out, Estrella Gin could produce $2.5 million in tax revenues to Maricopa.

Several mixed-use developments are underway within the city, and the Economic and Community Development team welcomes and encourages all kinds of creative and forward-thinking development within the community. One such project is Copper Sky Commercial, which will consist of 1.3 million square feet of new construction around the Copper Sky Recreation Complex. This will include the La Quinta Hotel (in progress) and senior living units, both of which are the first of their kind since Maricopa’s incorporation. It will also include market-rate apartments and 32,000 square feet of retail and commercial development, with a positive economic impact of about $24 million a year with approximately 270 jobs and $10 million in annual payroll. The multifamily households have the potential to bring an annual income of $42 million with $14 million in local spending. Copper Sky Commercial is expected to be built out over the next three to four years.

“When people are considering jobs here we tell them, ‘Come and build a city with us!’” Steele says. “It’s a fun mantra to live by and whether it’s Economic and Community Development, Community Services, Finance, Public Works, Public Safety, Fire, Police … we all have this feeling that we’re building a community together, and it’s really satisfying. There is something unique about Maricopa, and folks want to be a part of it.”