Maricopa survey results show residents’ feelings about community

More than four out of five residents who completed the 2017 Citizen Survey in the City of Maricopa said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the quality of life in their community, according to results published by Raymond Turco & Associates.

More than 2,000 residents participated in the project either online or through the mail. The survey asked residents to weigh in on everything from future growth and public safety to transportation and customer service, according to city officials. The feedback is important for measuring the city’s success.

According to survey results, a total of 85 percent of residents were satisfied with their quality of life. Combined dissatisfaction among online participants was 13 percent, and for mail respondents was 14 percent.

“In nearly 10 years of compiling the opinions of residents, satisfaction has remained high, although not consistent,” the report said.

This year, 39 percent of online participants and 40 percent of those who participated in the survey by mail said that in the last two years, the city had improved. Forty-four percent and 43 percent believed the community had stayed the same.

When asked to identify the most important issues facing Maricopa, the most common unprompted responses were the lack of retail and industry (22 percent); traffic-related issues and roads (19 percent); bridges, railroad crossings and overpasses (11 percent) and the high cost of utilities (9 percent).

According to the report, online respondents were most proud of the City of Maricopa for providing a safe community, working with the Gila and Ak-Chin Indian communities, providing adequate community services – such as parks, recreation and a library – maintaining a qualified city workforce and keeping residents informed about city business. The results for mail respondents were similar.

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