Learn what Pinal Partnership is all about

by Harold Christ, Pinal Partnership President/CEO and Owner of The Windmill Winery in Florence

Pinal County has become the fastest growing county in Arizona with some of the most exciting possibilities and projects planned in the country. With so many diverse resources and so much opportunity, Pinal Partnership was formed in 2005 to bring together all the people and ideas that will ultimately lead Pinal County to its full potential.

Pinal Partnership is a nonprofit that brings together private and public efforts related to infrastructure, natural resources and community development in Pinal County. We hold monthly breakfasts on timely topics. Our breakfast in September focuses on the “New Roads and Freeways Before It’s Too Late” campaign, and obtains the latest details on the efforts underway to improve transportation in the county.

The driving force behind Pinal Partnership is our members. We currently have over 140 members, which range from the various cities and towns in the county to business owners, corporations, land developers, engineers, homebuilders, tourism and professional services. Our members serve the partnership in various aspects including serving on our board of directors and working on or with our eight different committees (Business & Education, Open Space & Trails, Health & Human Services, Government Relations, Economic Development, Transportation and Water Resources).

Currently, our board of directors is made up of 22 members from both the government and private sectors, including mayors and presidents of different companies who are helping in their various capacities to help better Pinal County. The current chair of the board is Jordan Rose of Rose Law Group. Rose and her law firm continue to represent many of the exciting projects and landowners throughout the county. The current vice chair is Jackob Andersen of Saint Holdings, whose company is the developer of many different projects throughout Pinal County including Central Arizona Commerce Park, the new home of Lucid Motors.

In addition to our own efforts, we also work to bring together stakeholders to advocate for efforts such as education and transportation improvements. There are many exciting projects in the works throughout the county that are projected to bring thousands of jobs and spur even more economic development, so it’s crucial we have sufficient transportation and education for the residents in and near the county.

The partnership is involved in many other projects including the Superstition Vistas Steering Committee and Pinal County Town Hall annual events. We are active in the various chambers and local events throughout the county as we continue to look for new partnerships and ideas to continue to build Pinal County into an amazing place to live, work and play.

To learn more about membership, our board of directors or monthly breakfasts, visit us online at