New 640-acre Data Center Site Launches in Pinal County

Saint Holdings, LLC has a new first-in-class 640-acre, shovel-ready data center with solar capabilities. This data center is adjacent to the Inland Port Arizona mega-site in Pinal County.

Saint has made several successful land deals, including:

  • Nikola Motor Corporation
  • Lucid Motors
  • NextEra Energy

According to AZ Big Media, Saint’s efforts will help add 4,000 new jobs in the area by 2024.

“We are at the epicenter of tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology,” said Jackob Andersen, President and CEO of Saint Holdings. “Pinal County is no longer the hidden gem between Phoenix and Tucson. The region has catapulted Arizona into the destination for new-technology vehicles, renewable energy and tech industries at large.”

Coolidge Mayor Jon Thompson said there is a lot in store for Arizona as the region collaboratively develops into a hub for progressive technology as reported by AZ Big Media. “We have had a great vision for the Pinal County region for decades that has now come to light,” Thompson said.

Since closing on the 11,400 acres of Pinal County land in 2013, Saint Holdings has been working extensively behind the scenes with state government entities, engineers, consultants and land planners to create an environment conducive for success.