New Eloy Mayor Aims for Prosperity, Fun

I am both humbled and honored to address you for the first time as the new Mayor of Eloy. I will serve my community as a Mayor actively involved in growing existing businesses and attracting new businesses.

Equally as important, I am committed to improving Eloy’s image while fostering servant leadership in Pinal County and the state. Serving as Mayor, and achieving these objectives with my partners on the Eloy City Council, is a lifelong goal. I would like to thank everyone who supported my campaign and voted for me while asking for the opportunity to earn the trust of those who did not.

Let me start by announcing a new company coming to Eloy, Sun Path Products. Sun Path, one of the largest fabricators of parachute rigging in the U.S., is expanding from its home base in North Carolina. It will grow a significant industry for Eloy and be a valued addition to our family of aviation-related companies making their home at the Eloy Municipal Airport.

Speaking of the airport, the City completed an Airport Economic Benefit Analysis, prepared by the W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. Knowing how important the Eloy Airport is to our economy will help the Council and staff make decisions benefiting the entire community.

At a presentation to the Council, Dr. Lee McPheters of ASU said 244 employees are supported both directly and indirectly by the airport for over $13 million in payroll and an impact of $25.6 million to the local economy. Many of Eloy’s residents work at companies that either directly or indirectly benefit from the airport’s related services and customers.

I’d also like to invite everyone to visit Main Street, especially over the holidays. The City has completed the first phase of a renovation project that included repairing and repainting the building facades, rebuilding the sidewalk overhangs, and adding benches and new trash receptacles to attract residents and visitors (and tenants) to Main Street. There is an interesting assortment of small businesses on Main Street, so I hope you will stop by and check out the unique mix of local goods and services.

Now that fall and winter have arrived, it is time for holiday celebrations. Even though COVID-19 has effectively reset our normal activities, Eloy is striving to establish programs that allow families to enjoy the special holiday sights and sounds including a “drive-by” community tree lighting or for a unique way to enjoy the traditional Electric Light Parade. Eloy’s Council and staff will find ways for you and yours to safely celebrate the season. Please visit Eloy’s website, for the latest community news and announcements.

2020 has certainly been the year of the unknown. We have had to readjust our lives due to COVID-19. Schools are doing things differently, masks are required to enter buildings and families have been directly affected. Through the Community Action Human Resources Agency (CAHRA) and other local social service agencies, the City is using a portion of its CARES funding to assist Eloy families and individuals in need during these difficult times. I want to assure you that I am committed, along with your City Council members and staff, to continue to make Eloy residents a priority. We are dedicated to making community changes that improve the quality of life for our residents.

Eloy has a lot going on and a lot to be proud of as we continue to move forward. As Pinal County evolves as a center of electric vehicle manufacturing and as Interstate 10 becomes a 21st-century technology corridor, Eloy will be front and center leading the way to determine our own future. A future with more and better jobs, a reputation for forward-thinking and a great place to raise a family. We must work together as a community, so let’s make Eloy prosperous and have some fun along the way.

Micah Powell, Mayor, City of Eloy