by Corianna Lee, Director, Coolidge Performing Arts Center

We all know HGTV for shows such as “Fixer Upper,” “Flip or Flop” and “Property Brothers.” We eagerly anticipate the reveals at the end of the show, where the space is completely transformed and stylized, and wonder if we could ever see that type of transformations in our own homes.

If you pay attention to the designs, there is a unifying factor in every space – the deliberate and personalized use of art in the space. Whether it is incorporated into a specific color palette or an eclectic conversation piece, it is always present in home design and décor.

Art is a powerful tool that brings focus to a space, defines our styles and tells our stories. What better place to do that than in our homes and personal spaces? Designers agonize over art work, and we are led to believe that such personal artwork can come at very high costs. Original art work brings character to any space and should spark the imagination. Often we associate “art” with being a high dollar item, unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, but in actuality, art can easily be one of the most inexpensive accessories in the room, as well as the most personal, especially when they are created by you!

Yes, art work uniquely created by you can give your space the style or design we see on HGTV. Pinal County has an abundance of artists who not only sell their work, but also teach their concepts and strategies. Have you ever attended a “paint and pour” event, where everyone creates a beautiful painting of the same concept, but no two are alike? Attending events like these provides the tools to create the artwork at a minimal cost and provides a fun experience in the process. The outcome is a unique piece of artwork, created by you, that you can hang in your home and that also has a story behind it. Social media feeds are full of upcoming events and classes that feature the creation of art. Newspapers publish community calendars with upcoming art events constantly.

Another resource that offers classes in multiple forms of art is the Artisan Village of Coolidge, located at 450 N. Arizona Boulevard in Coolidge. The Artisan Village has existed for about four years, and is consistently developing new programs and classes, many of which are open on Saturday mornings or even by appointment. Classes are typically small and offer one-to-one, hands-on learning experiences with artists. Classes can be taken individually or as a series for arts such as lapidary, metal arts, mixed media, glass art, mosaics, painting and so much more! For information on upcoming classes and programs at the Artisan Village of Coolidge visit

Let’s not forget to mention that creating art can be therapeutic and healthy. Seeing a piece that you created in your home or space will evoke a sense of pride or even peace, thus making your art even more personal to you. Not only are there aesthetic benefits, but there are health benefits as well! Social art events also bring people together, which can result in meeting new people and developing new friendships.

Whether you attend a local painting class or a series of classes through an organization, you will be sure to create a unique piece of art that is a one of a kind. It may even be a focal point or conversation piece in your home, and could give the designers from HGTV a run for their money. Who knows? You may also be an undiscovered talent!