Pinal County: Casa Grande

Casa Grande is the largest incorporated city in Pinal County and a major economic engine for the region. Founded in 1879 as a temporary terminus for the Southern Pacific Railroad, it was named Casa Grande in 1880 for the nearby Casa Grande ruins. 

It’s centrally located between Phoenix and Tucson and growing rapidly. The Museum of Casa Grande offers a detailed look at the area’s heritage with artifacts and exhibits ranging from pre-history to the modern day, with many special programs and events each year. 

Golf has become a major attraction, with three of the finest courses open to the public, including the Dave White Municipal and Mission Royale courses. The Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort was built in 1959 as the San Francisco Giants’ spring training facility by owner Horace Stoneham. Its Duke Bar was named for frequent guest John Wayne. The adjoining Grande Sports World has been recognized since 2010 as the best soccer training facility in the country by U.S. Soccer. With eight professional-grade soccer fields and a 58,000-square-foot training facility, it is also the training home of the FC Barcelona residence academy.

Volunteers have built 17 miles of new hiking trails. The annual Casa Grande Cowboy Days and O’Odham Tash event is a truly memorable festival and carnival full of Native American arts/crafts, rodeos, and much more. And no one should ever leave town without visiting the one-of-a-kind Casa Grande Neon Sign Park. You’re sure to leave smiling.

Bucket List

  • Grande Sports World
  • The Museum of Casa Grande
  • Casa Grande Neon Sign Park
  • Casa Grande Mountain Park
  • 3 golf courses open to the public
  • 17 miles of hiking trails