Pinal County: Eloy

Next along the Golden Corridor is Eloy, strategically located just south of the junction of I-8 and I-10. Long recognized as an important cotton-growing center, Eloy is now experiencing dramatic industrial growth thanks to, as they say, location, location, location. 

That’s true throughout Pinal County, and it’s certainly true here. The City was founded in 1902, but how it got its name was a mystery until recently. One favorite story was that a railroad engineer stepped off his train onto a rattlesnake and hollered out “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachtini” (My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?), the last words of Christ on the cross, and the name stuck. The truth is much more prosaic. The Southern Pacific train from Yuma arrived in 1902 and construction halted for awhile, causing the place to be called the East Line of Yuma, or Eloy.

Your first stop should be the Santa Cruz Valley Historic Museum in the Old Toltec Elementary School, operated in conjunction with the Sunland Visitor Center. Learn about history and gather current information at one stop. The Hohokam history exhibit is something special.

It’s a short distance to Picacho Peak State Park, site of the farthest west battle of the Civil War. Visit the Robson Ranch Resort Community and Golf Course. Meeting rooms are offered there and also at Desert Rose Bahá’í Institute.

Eloy has become a world-recognized sky diving center thanks to SkyDive Arizona, the world’s largest parachuting resort. It has hosted many national and world championships, and the Bent Prop Saloon & Cookery at the airport has become quite the gathering spot.

Bucket List

  • Santa Cruz Valley Historic Museum
  • Sunland Visitor Center
  • Picacho Peak State Park
  • SkyDive Arizona
  • Bent Prop Saloon & Cookery
  • Robson Ranch Resort Community